Student Stories

Sarah Lowery- Achieve my Dream

I am so grateful to be a recipient of the Gladys Emerson Cook Scholarship, Barbara M. Hanson Brown Community Service Award, and Merit-Based Study Abroad Scholarship. It has also allowed me the financial freedom to achieve my dream of studying abroad for a semester in Rome, Italy, and soon to achieve my dream of obtaining a degree in Community & Nonprofit Leadership.

Ben Davis- Invaluable to my Growth

The scholarships I have received from the School of Music and the Raymond F. Dvorak Scholarship have been very important for my family. The financial assistance provided through these scholarships really have been of much use in reducing the net cost of my schooling and that has allowed me to be able to continue experiencing all of these great things that I have been able to do up here at UW, so I am extremely thankful!

Jacob Wolbert- Connect with People

Thanks to these scholarships, I have been able to further my love of Brazilian music, develop a better understanding of the Portuguese language, and connect with people across the university and country that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with.

Courtney Holdt- Help Students Just Like I Was Helped

The scholarships I have received from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences have truly been amazing. It is awesome to know that there are people out there who want to give back to our school, it shows just how amazing CALS and the University of Wisconsin are.

Taylor Holterman- A Love for Learning

Coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and specifically the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences has opened my eyes to the opportunities that this motivation can take me to, as well as surrounding me with a supportive community of peers, advisors, professors and industry contacts.

Lana Yang- My Dream College

None of the experiences made from wandering on State Street to hiking up Bascom Hill are possible without the generosity of so many people. I am glad to call the University of Wisconsin my home.

Sarah Ruplinger- I am so Grateful

The Lucile Schreiber and Wendel A. Witkay Scholarship of $1,000 is greatly appreciated because it decreases my need for student loans. It has been an honor and a blessing to receive this scholarship award. This scholarship is helping to make my dream come true!

Ann Coplan- Inspired to Teach

Ann Coplan’s grandparents inspire her. “All four of them have shaped my life in various ways, and I would not be the person I am today without them,” she wrote. Coplan, who received the George Koeppel and Frances Z. Combee scholarships, follows two of her grandparents into teaching.

Katrina Van Dyke- Discovering Her True Calling

Academics and a family tradition of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison drew Katrina Van Dyke to the state’s flagship university. And she arrived with a plan. Finish a genetics major in four years and continue in the graduate program in genetics counseling.

Robert Wiedenhoeft- A Badger for Life

Attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison was Robert Wiedenhoeft’s first choice since he watched Ron Dayne break the NCAA rushing record at Camp Randall Stadium.Wiedenhoeft, from Franklin, Wisconsin, also knew choosing the UW-Madison was the best way for me to hold onto his Wisconsin roots and be well prepared to become a teacher.

Melanie Zaferos- Pursuing a Dream to Teach

Melanie Zaferos from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, follows her mother, father and sister to the UW-Madison. She’s pursuing her lifelong dream to become an elementary school teacher and hopes to one day also teach abroad. The Ab and Nancy Nichols Great People Scholarship and Alta T. & Daniel B. Straley Scholarship allow her to continue her higher education.

Kayla Steinhorst- Living Up to Her Potential

Kayla Steinhorst from Baraboo, Wisconsin, believes the UW-Madison will allow her to reach her educational potential, and she wrote that she also appreciates Madison’s unique and exciting atmosphere. The Gwen P. Shapiro Rural Nursing Scholarship isn’t just a monetary award for Steinhorst; it’s a recognition of her hard work and her parents’ commitment to help her as much as they can, despite tough economic times.

Hyunah Cho- New Country, New Challenges

The Oscar Rennebohm Teaching Award gives graduate assistant Hyunah Cho confidence to teach American students, even though he’s from South Korea. The teaching assistant award also encourages her to stay in academia to perform research and teach students. “I truly appreciate your generosity and hope sometime in my life, I can help students as now you help us,” Cho wrote.

Ellen Conroy- Reaching for Excellence

Inspired by her mother, Ellen Conroy, who plans to become a pediatrician, doesn’t believe in stopping at “good enough.” The Wren Torgerson Scholarship allows her to worry less about how she pays for tuition, books and housing as she pursues her dream and may also allow her to volunteer abroad.

Emily Nelson- Greatest Gift of All

I love attending my classes, strolling around the city, and enjoying the atmosphere. It is the opportunity that a scholarship can give a young student that is the greatest gift of all.

Donald Radcliffe- Scholarships Lead to Growth, Service

A big reason I am able to pursue these incredible experiences is that I have had financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

Hailey Akers- A New Perspective

After completing my first year at UW-Madison I have taken a new perspective on the value of education. Education not only is obtained through the classroom, but it also obtained through experience.

Amanda Detry- A Sense of Place

Financial support from scholarships enables students like Amanda to explore the many opportunities the UW has to offer.

Evan Mast- Positive Influence

Many students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison take time to make a difference in the community. Evan witnessed the impact that his fellow students were making and was inspired to do the same.

Missy Setz- Engineering an Improved Quality of Life

Missy is a devoted and enthusiastic Badger who found her passion in Geological Engineering and Environmental Studies. A program called Engineers Without Borders provided her with the opportunity to take her enthusiasm to El Salvador where she helped improve the quality of life in a rural community.

Erin Mellenthin – Altering My Perspective

With graduation looming, every day that passes heightens my anticipation. Though I freely admit the lure of the stage and graduation ceremony, are not what I am most anticipating. Instead I cannot wait to go out, and practice what I have learned in my time at UW-Madison.

Jennifer Sanchez- Desire to Help Others

Originally from Brooklyn, NY and most recently from Wellington, FL I moved to Wisconsin to pursue a doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. Being a single mother of 2 children, my decision affected more than just my life. My children could not be more supportive.

John Chaston- Learning In and Out of the Lab

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to become familiar with the work that these people are doing and to meet some of them. Again, the travel award was my sole supporter for all three meetings, and I am very grateful for the generosity of the donors who provided this learning experience for me.

Dana Vielmetti- Focused on Learning

My greatest learning experience was definitely studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I cannot begin to describe the experience in words, but I grew socially, culturally and academically every single day.

Alexandra Miller- Connecting the Dots

Like many first year students, my journey was full of uncertainties and even discomfort as I navigated the large UW campus and all of its offerings. Taking leadership roles within student groups and finding the close-knit geography department helped me create my own "space" within the large UW community.

Miriam Kopelow- A Journey to Campus

I hope to make a difference. I hope to host a classroom where kids feel empowered and excited. I have yet to figure out where, but it will be somewhere full of energy and laughter.

Catherine Kuzmicki- An Incredible View

I am inspired by my peers. Everyone at Madison is extremely goal-oriented. It's hard not to motivate yourself when you see everyone else around you doing it.

Douglas Wubben- Changing Paths

I am inspired by all of the nurses I have met through classes and clinical experiences because they embody what I hope to become: a knowledgeable, capable, steady, caring advocate that helps people in need through the medical system in a healing way.

Michael Poeschel- A Great Pursuit

I am just a small town kid who is taking advantage of my opportunity at UW-Madison. I am living life to the fullest and pursuing a nursing career with great enthusiasm.