Student Stories

Celebrating National Estate Planning Awareness Week: October 18–24, 2021

If you count yourself among the Americans who need to update or create their estate plans, you may recognize one of these common situations.

You Can Make a Charitable Gift That Keeps Your Options Open

You may have hesitated to make a charitable gift to our organization because of the current demands on your resources. Here are some charitable gifts that keeps your options open.

Four Questions to Ask When Considering a Charitable Gift

Being able to make charitable gifts is a wonderful privilege. As you contemplate your donations this year, answer these four questions.

Leading By Example

A strong financial core is important to Kramer Endres '17, who became the youngest donor to pledge an estate gift to the UW Foundation.

“I’m Booked!” The Optimism of George Burns Can Help You Complete Your Estate Plan

Don't procrastinate and consult with your attorney when you create or update an estate plan.

Seasons of Giving

Individuals make charitable gifts throughout the year. Some choose to make gifts early in the year and others later. Your reasons for giving may vary across winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Time for a “Spring Cleaning” of Your Charitable and Estate Plans

Spring is a wonderful time to think and plan for the year, including charitable planning. Here are some suggestions for your to-do list.


We like to help the charities that helped us, and sometimes we can benefit again.

Off to a ‘QuickStart’

On a typical morning at Doorco Holsteins in Brussels, Wisconsin, Austin Vandertie BSx’22 would be helping his parents milk the 40-cow herd, feed calves, spread manure, or harvest crops on an expanse of land farmed by three generations of his family before him.

UW–Madison receives gift supporting organic agriculture, releases call for proposals

On the heels of the 2018 Harvest of Ideas — a two-day forum designed to explore how the University of Wisconsin–Madison can advance organic agriculture — the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences received a significant gift to support graduate students, outreach and communications in organic agriculture.

High school students experience CALS thanks to generous donation

More than two dozen high school students from Chicago area high schools participated in the 2019 CALS Agricultural Experience, an immersive visit to the college and UW–Madison campus, April 11-13.


Due to the unforeseen hardships brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Renk Agribusiness Institute awarded 9 scholarships to assist students in the continuation of their studies at UW-Madison this fall.


Each year, the Renk Agribusiness Institute awards scholarships to undergraduates majoring in Agricultural Business Management (ABM), Agricultural and Applied Economics (AAE), or pursuing the certificate in Business Management for Agricultural & Life Sciences.

Seven CALS faculty receive college and department professorships

At CALS, we have the good fortune to be able to offer a number of college and departmental professorships and chairships.

Virtual celebration for UW–Madison’s new Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery building now live

The UW–Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is celebrating completion of the new Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery (MSABD) building today, November 6.

Where There’s a Will, There’s More Than One Way to Be Charitable

It’s a common New Year’s resolution: time to write or update the will! As you consider drafting or updating your will, keep in mind which assets your will can and can’t control.

UW–Madison’s Farm and Industry Short Course announces tuition guarantee for students with family income below $60,000

Training future farmers on the latest science-based management and production techniques is at the core of the College of Agricultural and Life Science’s mission.

The Giving Season Is a Great Time to Establish Your Charitable Legacy

December is the heart of the giving season and is when many of us who are a bit older turn to thoughts about our legacy.

Gifts from Donor-Advised Funds

Many of our supporters have established donor-advised funds to provide support for the various charitable organizations in which they believe. A donor-advised fund is an account offered by a sponsoring organization that accepts a donor’s gifts and then makes charitable donations according to the donor’s directions.

Focusing on Future Leaders

With deep roots in Madison, the Bolz family name is well known across the UW campus and beyond. Their generous endowment for the Bolz Center for Arts Administration at the Wisconsin School of Business is a prime example of their longstanding commitment to giving back.

Choosing the Right Asset to Give to Charity

When thinking about making a charitable gift, it is easy to think of cash first, but there are other options. Read about other assets to fund your charitable gifts.

Charitable Gifts That Make Sense When Interest Rates Are Low

You may be wondering how best to make intended charitable gifts in this low-interest environment. Read about the two possibilities for consideration.

Maximizing Your Charitable Impact

This month’s article discusses how to make a gift with impact now and in the future. Read this month’s article now.

How Your Giving Shows Gratitude for the Help You Have Received

Charitable giving makes deposits in the life banks of others in gratitude for the deposits made in our account. Learn how to make these deposits through service, time or resources.

Giving Thoughtfully … and Strategically

Giving is a thoughtful gesture, but giving can also be strategic. Read about these ideas that can help you maximize your philanthropy.

A Legacy Rooted in Well-Being

Mindfulness and compassion are at the heart of everything for Fran Orrok. So, when she was introduced UW neuroscientist Richard Davidson, Fran was immediately inspired. She began making contributions to support the important work being done at the Center for Healthy Minds.

The Virtual Endowment

This month’s article discusses creating an endowment now that could be fully funded later. Learn more.

The Extension of the Income-Tax Filing Deadline Provides Opportunities for Planning

The Internal Revenue Service has given an extension to submit your federal income tax to July 15. Take advantage of the extra time to pull together needed information, to reflect thoughtfully on our tax situations, and to be more intentional in our planning for the future.

How the New CARES Act May Affect Your Gift Planning

The 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law in March. Learn more about the provisions applicable to charitable giving.

After the Career March, You Can Play a New (Charitable) Tune

This month’s article discusses transitioning from a career focus to the legacy phase of life.

Retired alumnus supports UW

Even into retirement, John Rowe has a strong affinity for his alma mater, as he and his wife Jeanne passionately support the future of UW-Madison. Among their many generous constributions, including Rowe Center for Research in Virology at the Morgridge Institute, are three endowed chairs in history - Byzantine, Green and American politics, institutions and political economy - to ensure others can find inspiration from the past.

Legacy gift for L&S and SMPH

When Mary Herman Rubinstein earned her MD from UW-Madison in 1960, she was one of four women in her medical school class. Yet, this was hardly first first nor the last time she would blaze an uncommon course. Recognizing the importance of innovative research, Rubinstein set up a generous bequest to support up to seven endowed professorships within the College of Letters & Science.

Established distinguished chairs in Chemistry, iBio, and Limnology

Wayland Evan Noland, a third-generation Badger who earned a bachelor's degree in chemistry, continues the legacy his elders started through generous support of faculty and students in the College of Letters & Science.

Badgers fight against food insecurity on campus

The amazing generosity of Badgers around the world made a powerful impact for students fighting against food insecurity at UW-Madison.

Impact of Morgridge Match from Chancellor Blank

Chancellor Blank announces the results of the major gift from John and Tashia Morgridge, and the positive impact this investment has already made on campus.

Impact of Morgridge Match on L&S, UW-Madison

The College of Letters & Science is inspired by the incredible outpouring of financial support, which will create over 40 new professorships, chairs, and distinguished chairs, as well as enhance 13 existing funds.

Hamel Music Center

After decades of rehearsing in the basement of the Mosse Humanities Building, UW's musicians will now have a state-of-the-art acoustic environment in which to prepare for performances. Pamela Hamel provided the naming gift for the new center, and the Mead and Witter families from Wisconsin Rapids enabled the project to be fully realized at once.

Jada Kline’s Wisconsin Experience

The Chancellor's Scholarship Program created a family within the larger Badger community for Jada Kline '17. Now a successful alumna, Kline shares a message of determination, honoring the past and embracing the future.

Launch of the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute

Chancellor Blank shares the announcement regarding the creation of the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute and the generous gift from American Family Insurance, providing a strong program launch.

Creation of David R. Anderson Chair to direct the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute (DSI)

As part of its generous $20 million gift to UW-Madison, American Family Insurance has announced the creation of the David R. Anderson chair to direct the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute (DSI).

Five student stories who received Bucky’s Tuition Promise

The cost of higher education is prohibitive for many asipiring students in Wisconsin. For these five students, Bucky's Tuition Promise provided a life-changing opportunity.

Mackenzie Straub benefits from Bucky’s Tuition Promise

Dedicated to making UW-Madison an accessible and affordable option to anyone who is admitted, Chancellor Blank reflects on the impact of Bucky's Tuition Promise in its inaugural year.

Second year of Bucky’s Tuition Promise

The second year of Bucky's Tuition Promise offered free tuition to 848 Wisconsin residents the chance to attend the state's flagstaff university free of charge.

First year of Bucky’s Tuition Promise

For 796 students from 65 Wisconsin counties, Bucky's Tuition Promise delivered full-tuition scholarships in its inaugural year.

Chancellor’s Scholar: Justin Cruz ’96

The long-term impact of the Chancellor's Scholars Program is evident in the life of '96 graduate Justin Cruz, who in a position of authority at American Family Insurance marks one of the most impressive ascents that an executive of color has made in Madison.

Student committed to service

As the daughter of a firefighter and a schoolteacher, this Center for Educational Opportunity scholar sees her choice to become a doctor as furthering her family's tradition of public service.

Pharmacy legacy impacts students and faculty

World War II pushed the Apinis family to leave Europe, but the careers they built in Madison continue to influence student pharmacists and researchers. Through establishing three scholarships and a professorship, this family legacy will change lives for years to come.

Computer Science scholarship for students from rural areas

Following the Wisconsin Idea, Phil and Kit Blake establish a scholarship to benefit Computer Science students from rural areas within the state. Two current scholarship recipients share their dedication to put this idea into action.

The UW’s MIA project identified a UW flyer killed in WWII

The UW's MIA Project collaborates with the Department of Defense to return the remains of a World War II pilot missing for 75 years.

Six Strategies to Reduce This Year’s Taxes Now

This month’s article discusses several charitable gift strategies to reduce taxes. Read this month’s article here.

Resolve to Give

Consider a resolution that is an extension of the holiday season: to give more.

Kemp Station celebrates grand opening of new Connor Forestry Center

The Connor Forestry Center at Kemp Natural Resources Station was made possible through a generous gift from Mary Connor Pierce and her husband Dudley Pierce.The 4,500-square foot building includes a large 80-person classroom and a 35-person classroom.

Farm Tour Enriches FISC Experience

Since 1886, the Farm and Industry Short Course (FISC) has been drawing students to the UW–Madison campus for certificate-level education as they pursue careers in the agricultural industry. Now, thanks to donor support, they can go off campus for an experience as diverse as their career prospects.

Time to Review Your Portfolio and Plan Year-End Charitable Gifts

Now is the time to evaluate your stock holdings and create your year-end action plan. Here are four steps to consider.

Giving Back for a Better Society

Celebrating and supporting the arts — this is the legacy that Jon Sorenson ’85 and David Bedri will leave behind, benefiting generations of Badgers for years to come.

Charitable Provisions in Your Will? Giving during Lifetime May Yield Greater Tax Savings

Many of our friends and supporters decide to make a significant gift as part of their estates. Many others, however, accelerate their plans and make gifts during life in order to realize substantial income-tax savings. Gifts from estates are important to our mission, and you can give them in a number of ways — such... Read more »

Charitable Gifts Can Bring Tax Benefits Even If You Don’t Itemize

If your itemized deductions regularly exceed the standard income-tax deduction, you will continue to itemize and realize tax savings from your gifts to us and other charities. However, an estimated 90 percent of individuals will not itemize because of the higher standard deduction implemented by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. If you’re... Read more »

Spotlight on Brad Green ’05

A native of Columbus, Wisconsin, Brad Green ’05 began working for WFAA as a Badger Call student caller, starting in September 2001. Upon receiving his bachelor’s degree in communication arts in 2005, he began to work full time for the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association (WFAA) and is now serving as a senior director of... Read more »

An Estate-Planning Team Can Meet Your Financial, Charitable, and Personal Objectives

Estate planning is a lifelong process that continues through the accumulation, preservation, and distribution phases of our financial lives. We express our expectations and hopes for the future in the basic document of any estate plan: the will. A will represents our prediction of the future: we make fundamental decisions about the distribution of assets,... Read more »

Bequests: You’re in Good Company

According to the 2019 edition of Giving USA, Americans donated a total of $417.7 billion to charitable causes last year, of which they gave about a tenth — $39.7 billion — by bequest. The bequest is the most popular type of planned gift, and you may be considering a charitable bequest to us and your other... Read more »

Like Graduation, a Charitable Gift Is a “Commencement”

Many of us have recently attended graduations — of children or grandchildren or maybe at our alma mater. The students who are graduating (and the parents who may be footing the bills) likely view the occasion as an ending, a conclusion of one of life’s chapters. But as we know, graduation is a commencement of... Read more »

Leveraging Matching Gifts

Jay and Katie Sekelsky use matches to maximize their gifts’ impact.

Treating Children Equally but Not the Same (and How a Charitable Gift Can Help)

Sometimes parents have good reasons to make different bequests to their children — desiring to treat them equally though not the same. And sometimes a charitable gift can help parents achieve those family objectives. Let’s suppose that a couple, Howard and Susan, have two children: a daughter, Lynn, and her younger brother, Rick. Lynn was... Read more »

Make a Legacy Gift without Changing Your Will

You may be thinking about making a legacy gift to our organization, but if you have recently updated your will, you’re probably hesitant to take the time and incur the expense of revising it.

What Does WFAA Look for in a Job Candidate?

What are the top qualities that the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association looks for in a prospective employee? For starters, we’re looking for employees whose values align with ours. According to the Gallup company, which is best known for its public opinion polls, its researchers have found that high-quality candidates want their company to align... Read more »

Spotlight on Dan Fallon

Dan Fallon worked for WFAA as a director of development from 2011 to 2014. He left to run the major and planned giving team at Wisconsin Public Radio and then had a short stint in corporate sales with Madison’s new professional soccer team, Forward Madison FC. He returned to WFAA in February and is serving... Read more »

Where There’s a Will …

There are many forms of planned giving. But which are right for you?

The Bell Lap of Life May Include a Legacy Gift to Charity

In the summer Olympics 10,000-meter race, a runner must complete 25 laps around an Olympic-sized track. When the lead runner begins that last lap, fans ring a bell to signal that the race’s end is near. Thus the final lap of a distance race is known as “the bell lap.” A person diagnosed with Stage... Read more »

How Much Is Enough for Retirement?

Charitable Gifts Can Help You Find the Answer.

Address Charitable Goals and Care for Loved Ones at the Same Time

Sometimes our personal and charitable goals appear to be in conflict: there just aren’t enough resources to do all we would like to do. But careful and creative planning can often allow us to do more than we thought possible. Consider “Anne,” a faithful Badger who also provides financial assistance to a loved one. Anne... Read more »

Spotlight on Kari Stokosa

Kari Stokosa is WFAA’s Managing Director of Research & Prospect Management. A native of Greenfield, Wisconsin, Kari earned her degree in atmospheric and oceanic sciences from UW–Madison in 1999. Although she never intended to be an on-air meteorologist, she says, “I’m very thankful for the wide breadth of skills I obtained in the process of... Read more »

Walking the Walk

Puppies, homemade chili, inspiration, and breaking a record — what’s not to love?

Many Donors Give Appreciated Property to Charity at Year-End — Even if They Aren’t Going to Itemize

Looking for a way to improve your financial picture before the clock strikes 12 on December 31? Giving appreciated property to charity may be the answer. One of the most effective ways to deal with your year-end tax situation is by maximizing deductions that reduce your taxable income. The most flexible tool at your disposal... Read more »

Deciding How to Divide Your Estate Among Your Children — And Charities

Imagine that you and your spouse are updating your wills, and you are discussing how to divide your estate. Do you leave equal amounts to your children? Do you include any provisions for the charities with which you are connected? Some charitable gifts can also make gifts to your children. Let’s say you have three... Read more »

A Charitable Gift with Payments More Predictable Than a Box of Chocolates

Forrest Gump, in the 1994 movie of the same name, famously remarks, “My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Fortunately, that is not the case with charitable remainder trusts, which are gifts to UW–Madison that make payments to you in return. When it comes... Read more »

By The Book

Literary endeavors underlie the success of Susan Solie Patterson ’79, MFA’82, and her husband, bestselling author James Patterson. now, to inspire giving to UW–Madison, they’ve launched an estate-gift challenge match.

A Charitable Gift Can Help Pay for College.

By the end of Labor Day week, virtually all students will be back to school — from kindergarten through graduate school. For parents and grandparents, a key issue is how to help pay the ever-increasing cost of higher education. For those who are also looking for a way to make a significant charitable gift, the... Read more »

Spotlight on Scott McKinney

Scott McKinney joined the UW Foundation in 1998 and is now WFAA’s chief operating officer.

Launching a Leader

When you work for the UW Foundation and Alumni Association, one of the most rewarding aspects is knowing that your efforts support a range of amazing and inspiring students.

Accelerating Testamentary Gift Can Yield Major Savings

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) made it more difficult to pursue estate-tax savings from charitable giving. TCJA doubled the estate- and gift-transfer-tax exemptions to approximately $22 million for a married couple, leaving just a fraction of one percent of taxpayers subject to those taxes. But there are creative ways for donors to... Read more »

Four Couples Look at Capital Gains

Imagine four couples with varying incomes, each of whom purchased a hundred shares of XYZ company stock for $10,000 in early 2009 and sold their shares this year for $30,000, realizing $20,000 of capital gain. What federal tax rate would each couple pay? And what would be the tax savings of making a charitable gift... Read more »

8 Life Changes That Should Prompt a Review of Your Estate Plan

Summertime is a season of change:  graduations, weddings, and births all spike in the summer. A change in your family makes a good time to review your will and estate plan. What conditions have changed since you first drafted your will? What plans do you need to reexamine in light of new circumstances? Do your... Read more »

The Season of Life, the Gift of Life Insurance

Your taxes are paid; the flowers are blooming; those April snow showers are a distant memory as spring takes full hold. The season of new life is the perfect time to talk about life insurance: an incredibly flexible way to renew your philanthropy. Life insurance is the most widely held asset in the United States,... Read more »

Nick Named

The Nicholas family honors Ab Nicholas ’52, MBA’55 with a gift to Recreational Sports.

Veterinary Superheroes

Karen Walsh ’81, MA’89 and Jim Berbee ’85, MS’87, MBA’89 help meet the needs of Wisconsin’s four-legged patients.

Dig This Music

With assistance from the Hamel family and the Mead Witter Foundation, the School of Music’s new performance facility starts to take shape.

Garding Against Cancer

WFAA welcomes basketball coach Greg Gard and his wife, Michelle, and helps them to fight for cancer patients and their loved ones.

Park Placed

Alumni Park opens to rave reviews.

A Leg Up

The Flamingle offers alumni a weekly trip to campus.

Thank You, 72

With gratitude, Project 72 shows Wisconsin what the state and its university have made possible.


Fireworks, a block party, and the Steve Miller Band make Homecoming magical.

On the UW campus, Terry Hynes learned to lead. Now she wants to give leadership opportunities to future badgers.

Over the course of five years of graduate study, Terry Hynes learned a lot at UW–Madison, but three lessons stand out. The faculty, she said, embodied principles that make great leaders: excellence as scholars empathy as teachers compassion as human beings Hynes credits her time at the UW for launching her life in academic leadership... Read more »

New Campus Perk: Alumni Park

Thanks to more than 4,000 donors and friends, the UW–Madison campus now boasts a unique jewel on the lakefront between Memorial Union and the Red Gym. Alumni Park adds to the beauty and magic of the campus for students, alumni, faculty, and visitors alike.

It’s Tax Filing Season: Did You Take Advantage of Financial and Charitable Strategies?

If March Madness describes the three-week college basketball tournament that ends April 2, then April Madness describes tax time. Yes, it’s that dreaded time of the year again, almost the day of reckoning with the IRS. It is also a propitious time to assess how effective you were in planning your tax strategy for the... Read more »

So Where Are Your Most Important Estate-Planning Documents?

For most of us, encountering one of life’s milestones prompts us to prepare a will—and we finally go through the process of assigning assets to our loved ones and charitable beneficiaries. Often, however, the will is then tucked away in a desk drawer or safe-deposit box, all but forgotten. Where should you store your will... Read more »

Urban Foxes and Coyotes Learn to Set Aside Their Differences and Coexist

Red fox and coyote have gone against their wild instincts and learned to coexist in the urban environment of Madison and the University of Wisconsin–Madison campus.

Six Steps to Getting Your Estate Plan in Order in the New Year

Sometimes things you don’t address today can come back to haunt you tomorrow. Delaying that doctor’s appointment or putting off a visit to the mechanic about that intermittent knock in your car’s engine may seem to make sense given your busy schedule—but those decisions may prove more costly in the long run. Estate planning is... Read more »

Booming Stock Market Creates Charitable Giving Opportunities

The stock market went on quite a run in 2017, up about 25% during the course of the year. Even more impressive, it essentially went straight up throughout the year, with very few minor dips along the way. The historic run-up has left many investors with significantly appreciated stock holdings. That, of course, is what... Read more »

Happy New Year

Wishing you a happy new year! Let’s celebrate the accomplishments of 2017 and toast to an incredible 2018 as we continue to move this university All Ways Forward.

Spotlight on Teri Grein

Teri Grein ’16 is a program coordinator for WFAA’s Alumni Relations and Engagement division. A native of Wisconsin Rapids, she is a first-generation college graduate who worked for WAA as an intern while she was earning her degree in English and Communication Arts.

You Mean I Get Paid to Do This?

How many careers involve guarding a flock of pink plastic flamingoes? It’s part of the job description for WFAA staff who volunteer to help out at the annual Fill the Hill fundraiser.

Five Ways to Make a Charitable Gift with Retirement Funds

Our donors often ask if they can make a charitable gift to support our work with some of their retirement funds. That is understandable because the balances in these funds are often larger than the owners will need for retirement security. It is, indeed, possible to make charitable gifts from these funds, but the procedure... Read more »

Three Tips on Timing Your Year-End Charitable Gift

Now that the leaves are falling, it’s high time to think about your year-end charitable gifts—and to make sure that you time them to your best advantage. The end of the year is the most popular time for charitable gifts partly because it’s the “giving season” and partly because donors are running out of time... Read more »

’69 grads Richard and Jennifer Arndt are establishing scholarships in gratitude for their educations—and their love

They met at a UW fraternity mixer (more on that later), earned three degrees from the university, and are incredibly grateful for the affordable education that launched their careers with no debt, so there was little question whether Richard and Jennifer Arndt (both class of ’69) would make a significant gift to the University of... Read more »

Mirelle Goetz – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergrad Mirelle Goetz, recipient of the Irving W. Gerhardt Scholarship!

Sarah Cook – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergrad Sarah Cook, recipient of the William F. Renk Endowment for Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship!

Sarah Turner – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS graduate student Sarah Turner, recipient of the Eunice & Howard Ream Memorial Foundation Scholarship!

Micheala Slind – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergraduate Micheala Slind, recipient of the William & Janice Ward Family Agricultural Enrichment Scholarship!

Monsanto donates Middleton plant research facility to UW-Madison

A $10 million commercial biotech plant laboratory in Middleton, Wisconsin, first opened in 1982 with the help of University of Wisconsin–Madison scientists, will soon become part of UW–Madison following a donation from Monsanto Co.

Gift Establishes Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Vegetable Crops

The Department of Horticulture has received a donation from UW alumni Steve and Christa Slinger to establish an endowed graduate fellowship in vegetable crops in the department.

Potato Industry Commits $5M to Support UW-Madison Potato and Vegetable Research Program

Wisconsin’s potato industry has had a strong, decades-long partnership with the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s potato researchers, one that has helped place Wisconsin among the top three potato-producing states in the nation.

$1M Gift Establishes Professorship in Biological Systems Engineering

The biological systems engineering department recently announced the establishment of its first endowed professorship.

AAE Alumnus Establishes $1M Henry C. Taylor Professorship

Agricultural & Applied Economics alum Dr. Robert H. Miller of Alexandria, Virginia (MS ’59, PhD ’67) visited Madison for the inaugural AAE Scholars & Sponsors Lunch to announce his gift of $500,000 to establish the Henry C. Taylor Professorship.

Srinivasan Damodaran Appointed to Owen R. Fennema Professorship in Food Chemistry

Srinivasan Damodaran, professor of food science, has been appointed to the Owen R. Fennema Professorship in Food Chemistry and was honored at a reception on Friday, Oct. 14.

Your Charitable Giving Can Continue Indefinitely

Many of our friends tell us how meaningful it is to them to be able to support our work with their financial gifts each year—and say that they wish their support could continue beyond their lifetimes so the targets of their generosity will not be negatively affected when their annual contributions end. You may find... Read more »

American Family makes 10-year pledge to support UW partnerships

The University of Wisconsin–Madison and American Family Insurance will expand their longtime partnership in support of academic programs, research, athletics and charitable activities, with the insurer pledging $40 million to the UW over the next 10 years.

You Think You Don’t Need a Will? Here Are Six Reasons Why You Do—Including Charity

Here is a common estate-planning question that we get asked rather frequently: Is it truly necessary for us to have wills? My spouse and I own our home, cars, and bank and investment accounts in joint tenancy with right of survivorship, and we have named each other as beneficiaries of our respective life insurance policies... Read more »

Spotlight on Dexter Patterson

Dexter Patterson ’14 is WFAA’s social media and digital specialist.

WFAA’s Mentoring Program

Each new WFAA employee has the opportunity to pair with an experienced staff member who is available to discuss work-related issues.

Estate gift will further fund scholarship established by Sue and Don Whitaker

Sue H. and Donald R. Whitaker both earned their PhD degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and went on to distinguished careers as college professors. In gratitude they established a scholarship in the School of Education that will be further funded with a gift in their estate plan. “Our education at UW-Madison provided us with... Read more »

A Charitable Solution for Low Return on Your Investments

Investors find themselves engulfed in an economic climate that features historically low interest rates on fixed income investments. This can present significant challenges if you want—or need—to generate more cash flow to meet the requirements of your lifestyle. But there is a solution for those who are philanthropic. If you are seeking income, you may... Read more »

IRA Rollover Can Reduce Tax on Social Security Benefits

Many donors are aware of the attractive benefits of the IRA charitable rollover—but one advantage that is not widely known is that it can reduce the portion of your Social Security benefits that is subject to federal income tax. If you are 70½ or older, the rollover allows you to transfer up to $100,000 directly... Read more »

Using Appreciated Stock to Fund Charitable Gifts Can Be a Good Move—Even if You Are Bullish on a Stock’s Future

One of the most tax-savvy moves a donor can make is to use appreciated stock to fund charitable gifts. Reason: If you have owned the stock for more than one year, you can take a deduction based on the stock’s full fair-market value and you don’t have to pay tax on any of your paper... Read more »

How Much of a Deduction Will Your Charitable Gift Generate? You Choose!

One of the most attractive benefits derived from charitable planning is the charitable deduction, which reduces the out-of-pocket cost of your generosity. With some gifts you get a choice of the discount rate used for the deduction—and it can possibly make a difference of thousands of dollars in tax savings to you. The choice in... Read more »

A Bridge to the Working World

Badger Bridge links students and alumni with mentors to help facilitate career advancement.

Solid State

Through Project 72, WFAA shares some of the myriad ways in which UW–Madison and Wisconsin continue to shape each other.

Red (Shirt) Talks

Designer Virgil Abloh speaks at a Homecoming event.

Hawks Soars

In one of 2015’s most celebrated discoveries, anthropologists found the remains of a new hominid species in a cave in South Africa, and UW–Madison had a role in that find.

Prof Positive

From the Vilas Trust to the Morgridge Match, philanthropic gifts expand faculty opportunities. The last year and a half won’t erase the name Vilas from campus, but it might challenge the primary place that it holds.

Open Doors, Diverse Campus

In early 2016, a couple that wishes to remain anonymous made a $10 million pledge to match gifts that support the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program (CSP).

State of the Art

The Chazen Museum of Art is home to more than 20,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photos, decorative objects, and more. But the works it holds are far more than beautiful — they’re also a learning resource. In 2015, those collections grew larger and more important thanks to a new donation from the museum’s namesakes, Jerome and Simona Chazen.

Open Minds

On its own, a rock is just a rock. But when children have the right training, UW researchers in the Center for Healthy Minds (CHM) find, they can turn those rocks into “belly buddies” to learn mindfulness techniques, which may hold the key to improving their mental and emotional health.

Spotlight on Rachel Lionberg

Rachel Lionberg is the UW Foundation’s Associate Vice President and Managing Director for the Wisconsin School of Business.

Rocking the Rankings

Madison, Wisconsin, consistently shows up on rankings of the best places to live.

Double Duty: A Gift to Charity and to Family

If you are like most people, deciding what to do with your assets is one of the most important decisions you face. Few of us feel like we have enough resources to meet all of our goals. Wouldn’t it be nice if some of our resources could do double duty? Some of our friends have... Read more »

Six Ways to Transfer Assets

Eventually we all will give away everything we own, but we have a choice as to how to make those transfers. There are six ways to transfer assets, five of which can be used to make charitable gifts. Here is an explanation of the methods: Lifetime gifts The most common transfers, of course, are lifetime... Read more »

Your Gift Can Teach Philanthropy to Your Children While Maintaining Their Inheritance

The most effective parent-teachers are those who are themselves generous—but some parents are in a dilemma because they would like to convey their philanthropic values to their children but not at the expense of financial legacies to them. You can accomplish both objectives by making one of several different types of planned gifts.

Dr. Julie Underwood, former dean of School of Education, makes estate gift

Education Professor Dr. Julie K. Underwood, who for a decade served as dean of the nation’s top public university School of Education, is making an estate gift to the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the UW Foundation. Dr. Underwood, who stepped down as dean last year but still teaches Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis and Educational... Read more »

Spotlight on Betsy Burns

Betsy Burns is WFAA's senior director of development for the UW–Madison School of Education. A graduate of UW–Milwaukee and the College of St. Scholastica, she and her husband and three-year-old daughter live in Madison. We asked her to reflect on her five years with the organization.

Gift Establishes Endowed Graduate Fellowships in Food Safety and Probiotics

The Food Research Institute has received a generous donation to establish two endowed graduate fellowships.

Fun Spin on a Donor Event

In September, WFAA celebrated the generosity of alumni John and Tashia Morgridge with a pop-up wine-cellar celebration in the Wisconsin Union’s new underground loading dock, a special turntable that will allow delivery trucks to supply the Union with food, beverages, and other items.

You Can Make a Gift to Charity and Recover Your Capital

You may know that if you itemize deductions, you recover some of the capital from a charitable gift. But you may not be aware of a plan whereby you not only realize immediate tax savings but may also recover substantially all of your capital after a certain number of years.

You Have Charitable Options for Your Required Retirement-Plan Distributions

For those of you who are at least 70½—and beginning this year there are more and more of you—you have reached the age at which required minimum distributions (RMD) must be taken from your IRA and 401(k).

Overseas Travel Often Triggers Estate Planning

Nothing stimulates estate planning like a trip overseas. While a vacation trip within the continental United States may prompt people to review estate-planning documents, there is something about an impending flight over an ocean that really stirs people to action.

Students find passion in labs as Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars

The Biochemistry Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarships help undergraduates gain focused, full-time research experience early in their academic careers. The funding is made available to students from generous donations made to the Department of Biochemistry.

Robert G. F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence

Mark Cook, University of Wisconsin - Madison Animal Sciences - Robert G. F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence

Thea Whitman appointed to O.N. Allen Professorship in Soil Microbiology

Thea Whitman, assistant professor of soil science, has been appointed to the O.N. Allen Professorship in Soil Microbiology.

Mehdi Kabbage receives Aberle Faculty Fellow Award

Mehdi Kabbage, assistant professor of plant pathology, has been selected to receive an Elton D. and Carrie R. Aberle Faculty Fellow Award.

The Futures Market—and Students’ Futures

Using real-world commodity-trading software and armed with simulated trading experience in agricultural markets, a number of CALS students are finding paths to jobs after graduation.

Maurer Extra Mile Award

Meet Tom Crenshaw, winner of the Arthur J. Maurer Extra Mile Award, professor in the University of Wisconsin - Madison Animal Sciences department and advisor for Alpha Gamma Rho - Iota.

Xuehua Zhong and Erin Silva receive Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow Awards

Genetics assistant professor Xuehua Zhong and plant pathology assistant professor Erin Silva have been selected to receive Alfred Toepfer Faculty Fellow Awards.

Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award

Samuel Butcher won the 2016 Spitzer Excellence in Teaching Award and professor in the University Of Wisconsin-Madison Department Of Biochemistry.

Collaborations expected after microbiome symposium

Exploring Microbiome Opportunities in Life Sciences in Agriculture was funding from private gifts and brought experts from NSF, DOE, NIH, the University of Aberdeen and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, as well as speakers from here on campus, to discuss opportunities in microbiome research.

5 Reasons People Delay Making or Updating Their Wills

When people focus on their estate plans, they often discover that they are capable of providing for loved ones and charities to a degree they had not supposed. But many people procrastinate. Here are five commonly cited reasons for delaying action on your will—and responses to each.

Give Property Before its Too Late to Avoid Tax on Capital Gain

Sometimes a person approaches a charity with an inquiry such as this: “I am in the process of selling some highly appreciated commercial real estate, and my accountant has advised me that I will have to pay a significant amount of tax on the capital gain.

Ask Yourself These Four Questions When Planning a Charitable Gift

Have you ever considered making a charitable gift to the UW? You are to be commended for your desire to make a difference. To help plan your gift, we suggest that you ask yourself the following four questions:

Joan DeBruin ’70 funds scholarships with a trio of gifts

When her husband, Jared, passed away in 2011 after nearly 42 years of marriage, Joan Dickinson DeBruin ’70 honored him by designating the balance of their IRAs at her passing to fund University of Wisconsin-Madison scholarships in both of their names. In 2012 she established a charitable gift annuity and immediately started donating back a... Read more »

“Twilight Relationships” Require Careful Planning

More and more senior citizens who are widowed or divorced are establishing new “twilight relationships,” and if either partner has substantial assets, the financial and estate-planning issues can be considerable. In some instances a charitable gift may be part of the solution. Here are some issues to consider.

Four Easy Ways to Make a Future Gift Without Changing Your Will

You may be hesitating to make a gift to our organization because you don’t want to incur the expense of changing your will. Actually, there are numerous ways to arrange a future gift while leaving your current will intact.

Charitable Gifts Can Help Reduce Estate Taxes

Many people worry that significant estate taxes will be due at death—and that these taxes could diminish inheritances or possibly even force the sale of a small business or family farm. That is rarely true, especially now that the federal estate tax exemption is so high.

Bill Tracy Named Nation’s First Endowed Chair for Organic Plant Breeding

Bill Tracy, agronomy professor and sweet-corn breeder, was named the recipient of the nation’s first endowed chair focused on plant breeding for organic crops. The $2 million endowment is supported by Organic Valley and Clif Bar & Company, with the help of a matching gift from UW alumni John and Tashia Morgridge.

A Win-Win for Donors and Charity Using Depreciated Property

Many people who own rental property are not full-time investors in real estate and could wind up in a tax situation that can be solved by creating a charitable remainder trust.

70 1/2 or Older? IRA Charitable Rollover Is Back, and This Time It’s PERMANENT!

A special opportunity to give to the University of Wisconsin Foundation through your IRA has just been made permanent.

Growing the future.

Growing the future. That’s what the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) does. But to continue that mission, it will take the help and support of alumni and friends.

Emily Held – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergrad Emily Held, recipient of the Karen Spector Memorial Scholarship! Emily fell in love with University of Wisconsin-Madison while touring campus and is now a senior majoring in dietetics with a certificate in global health.

When Equal Is Not Equal, Charity Can Help

John, a widower, wanted to leave his children equal portions of his estate, so he decided to give each of them different assets of the same value. John’s expectation was that they would receive equal amounts. But when taxes were taken into account the children were treated unequally — and that difference has implications for charitable gifts as well.

Morgridge Match Spurs Rapid Growth

The alumni who attended Wisconsin Ideas events in Naples and Milwaukee know that a Bill Cronon talk is a real treat. Cronon wowed the crowds when he spoke about the history of UW-Madison.

Scholarship Gifts Open Doors

When Albert “Ab” Nicholas played guard for the Badger men’s basketball team, an out-of-state student with a minimum-wage job could earn a semester’s tuition at the University of Wisconsin with 280 hours of work. Today it would take nearly a full year, working full time.

Gifts from Alumni Have the Union Reaching New Heights

Accomplished with the assistance of private giving and student fees, the Memorial Union Reinvestment is giving a facelift to the building that has been the campus’s living room for nearly nine decades — the first major renovation in its history.

Seeds for the Future

Throughout 2014, the UW Foundation placed its focus not on the present, but on creating fertile ground for the university’s growth into the future. Increasingly, our eyes have turned toward the coming comprehensive campaign, an effort to help the UW make a major leap forward.

Grainger Gift Engineers a Brighter Future for Engineers

Dan Thoma is looking to redefine the technological age in which we live. “The ages of human development are based on the materials peoples of the day used: the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Iron Age,” he told the UW College of Engineering. “Technology is the driver. Materials are the enabler, so that discovery point is really what impacts society.”

Tom and Karen Falk Give $10 Million for Scholarships, Faculty Support

Tom Falk caddied his way into higher education. Karen Falk worked behind the counter of a Rennebohm Drug Store to help her pursue her degree. In the 1970s, when they attended UW-Madison, that was enough.

Morgridge Match Gala

Relive an evening of celebration and honor for those who contributed to the Morgridge Match, and to the faculty who are helping UW-Madison remain world class. Photos from the Event

Annalise Panthofer – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergrad Annalise Panthofer, recipient of the Anna L. Rowe Scholarhip! A sophomore majoring in biology and Spanish, she chose UW-Madison for its pre-med option and research opportunities.

A Kingly Gift

With a $10 million gift to the Center for Healthy Minds, Bob and Dottie King promote the study of children’s emotional health. Mental illness is one of the most common afflictions affecting young Americans, with about one-fifth of adolescents suffering from a diagnosable psychological disorder. And yet as many as seven out of every ten... Read more »

Marisa Klister – Featured Undergraduate Scholar

Congrats to CALS undergrad Marisa Klister, recipient of the Edna F. and Walter E. Schmidt Merit Scholarship! Marisa has always wanted to be a Badger and is now a freshman in UW-Madison Dairy Science.

Adopting Charity at Any Age

They could also be quite flexible about the type of assets they give this child. She would be perfectly content to receive taxable assets like retirement funds or property with capital gain, for unlike her siblings, she is tax-exempt.

Morgridge match exceeds goal: $250 million raised for faculty positions

John and Tashia Morgridge issued a challenge last November to fellow University of Wisconsin–Madison alumni – they would match up to $100 million in donations to fund new and enhanced endowments for named professorships, chairs and distinguished chairs at the university. University leaders thought it would take two to three years to fulfill the match.... Read more »

To Convert or Not to Convert Your IRA: A Charitable Question

Possibly you have a traditional IRA, and you have been wondering whether you should convert some or all of it to a Roth IRA. If you decide to convert and you have been considering a major charitable gift, a good strategy would be to do both in the same year. You may be considering converting because... Read more »

CALS undergrads embrace summer internship experiences

Undergraduate students in the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) participate in all kinds of “beyond the classroom” experiences during their time in college. In fact, it’s a hallmark of a CALS education. According to a recent National Survey of Student Engagement, 79 percent of CALS students complete an internship or field experience and 64 percent complete a mentored research project.

Investing in Outstanding Students: The Nicholas Match

In June 2015, Ab ’52, MBA’55 and Nancy Johnson ’55 Nicholas announced a transformational, $50 million gift to create a one-to-one match to inspire other donors to fund undergraduate and athletic scholarships and graduate fellowships for UW-Madison students.

What You Need in Addition to Your Will

If you have an up-to-date will, you are to be congratulated—especially if it includes a charitable beneficiary such as our organization. Shockingly, more than half of Americans have no will at all. And your will is only one of the estate-planning documents you need.

Amaya Atucha named Gottschalk Chair for Cranberry Research

Assistant professor of horticulture Amaya Atucha has been named the Gottschalk Chair for Cranberry Research. The chair award, established by the Gottschalk family, supports cranberry research in the Department of Horticulture.

The Charitable Memory Aid

You may establish an endowment during your life with an outright gift of various assets or through a plan that pays you income for the balance of your life. You may also establish it through a bequest or by naming our organization as beneficiary of life insurance, a retirement fund, or an investment account.

Why It Helps Us to Know About Your Legacy Gift

Every year our organization receives bequests from individuals who did not inform us in advance that they had included us in their wills. We are extremely grateful for these gifts because they enable us to continue the work that was obviously important to the donors. At the same time, it would be helpful for our organization to know about the gifts ahead of time.

Tim Van Deelen appointed Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation

Tim Van Deelen, a professor in the forest and wildlife ecology department, was recently appointed the Beers-Bascom Professor in Conservation. The professorship was established by Mr. William Beers, former chairman of the board and chief executive officer of Kraft, Inc.

Does Your 401(k) Hold Employer Stock? You Can Save Taxes, Receive Income, Reduce Risk, and Make a Gift

A distribution in-kind of your employer’s stock is a way to ensure a lower tax rate on part of the value. Thus you should inquire as to whether your company’s plan permits participants to elect to have lump-sum distributions paid out in the company’s stock—and if so, seriously consider doing this.

Timing the Market—Charitably

Regularly purchasing securities at their lowest value and selling them at their highest value is about as likely as winning the lottery. But there is a charitable way to time the market—not in the sense of attempting to predict market price movements but rather by making timely adjustments to a trust portfolio without the constraints imposed by taxation of gain.

Making the Right Call: Charitable Planning Is Easier Than Football

In life, as in sports, we sometimes make calls that turn out badly. However, in planning your charitable gifts there are certain decisions that will almost always be the right call.

Life Insurance: An Excellent Gift When the Reasons for It Expire

A life insurance policy can be a great way to ensure a future gift—perhaps for a named endowed fund—without affecting your current lifestyle.

Do You Expect a Spike in Income? A Charitable Gift Can Mitigate Tax Consequences

If a spike in income is resulting from a sale of real estate or stock, consider a charitable strategy that would keep your adjusted gross income below the threshold levels—and thus prevent the surtax on the capital gain from the sale and on the dividends from your other stock investments.

Putting Idle Assets to Good Purpose

An “active asset” is one that you are using (such as your residence) or one that is generating a return in the form of rent, interest, dividend income, or appreciation. An “idle asset” is property that produces little or no return and which may contribute little to your enjoyment of life. Sometimes it is possible to convert these assets to a stream of income for life by making a charitable gift.

Inspirational Gift Invests in UW Faculty

Philanthropists John ’55 and Tashia ’55 Morgridge have just announced a landmark gift of $100 million, continuing their long history of investing in the future of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Chancellor Blank’s Priorities for UW-Madison

Last month, during Homecoming Week, UW-Madison brought together the boards of visitors for nearly all of UW-Madison's schools, colleges, and departments. Chancellor Rebecca Blank delivered an address to the group.

Grateful Engineer Gives Back in Two Ways

It’s a good life John Bolender has lived since Boeing recruited him right off the UW campus, and that’s why he has established three charitable gift annuities with the University of Wisconsin Foundation and recently made a significant gift from the combined IRA belonging to him and his late wife, JoAnn, also a UW graduate with a degree in home economics education.

Lubar Gift Innovates to Diversify Law School Research

A $3 million gift will allow the University of Wisconsin Law School to support top legal scholars in a new and creative way, Dean Margaret Raymond announced today.

Your Will Is Just One Source of Charity

When developing an estate plan, it is essential to coordinate probate assets (those that pass under your will) and non-probate assets (those that pass outside your will). Failure to do this can result in unintended inequities.

Lorna Wendt Gift will Launch Women’s Campus Initiative

A 1965 graduate of the UW-Madison College of Letters & Science, Lorna Wendt is a proponent of fairness and equality in marriage and divorce. This has led to a gift she has made that will launch the MORE (Money + Relationships + Equality) program, one of the core principles of the campus-wide 4W Initiative (For Women, For Well-being, For Wisconsin and the World).

Give Happy

According to happiness guru Gretchen Rubin, philanthropic behavior can be the key to increasing one’s own positive feelings.

Women’s Philanthropy Council marks 25th Anniversary at UW-Madison

Wisconsin women have been leading the way in the women’s philanthropy movement for a quarter century.

New Ruth Davis Design Gallery Sets a Powerful Example

The legacy of a professor who pioneered sustainable design, the new Ruth Davis Design Gallery at the School of Human Ecology inspires all who enter.

PwC Invests in the Future of Accounting

It all adds up for the Wisconsin School of Business when PwC matches partner and staff contributions for a $1.1 million gift toward the future of accounting education.

A Gift from the Heart Preserves Danish Studies

As if saving lives wasn’t enough, these UW physicians saved Danish studies at the College of Letters & Science with a gift from the heart.

State-of-the-Art Nursing Building Exemplifies the Power of Many

Connecting nursing students to state-of-the art facilities just got a lot easier at the new School of Nursing.

Pattersons Strengthen Commitment to School of Education

James and Susan Patterson strengthen their commitment to literacy and teaching at the School of Education for maximum impact.

Your Annual Gift Can Last Forever

To create an endowment, you would leave a certain sum through your will or living trust or perhaps name us as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. That sum would be used to establish a permanent fund in your name.

A Complete Estate Plan Is an Affirmation of Your Life

Once when St. Francis of Assisi was tending his garden, a person asked him, “What would you do if you suddenly learned that you would die at sunset?” St. Francis replied in a manner that reverberates for planned giving: “I would continue hoeing my garden.”

Colorado Rockies Honor MLB’s Selig with $100,000 Scholarship Gift to UW-Madison

A $100,000 gift from the Colorado Rockies’ baseball organization in honor of Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H. “Bud” Selig will support student scholarships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Becoming a Charitable Empty Nester

Between the time you become an empty nester and your retirement, your financial situation may improve significantly. Not only are your expenses reduced, but you are very possibly in your peak earning years at work. This is the time to accumulate as much as possible for retirement and to develop a comprehensive estate plan that includes your philanthropic values. Indeed, this may be the first time in your life that you are able to consider a larger gift that can have a significant impact on an organization.

The Legacy of Dr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Kennedy Lives on at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Hugh and Margaret Kennedy were Wisconsin natives who moved to Corpus Christi, Texas, in the 1940s. They never had children of their own, yet they inspired their families and, now, new generations of physicians, to reach for lives of meaning. The Kennedy Scholars in the School of Medicine and Public Health are a diverse and impressive group.

Why It Helps Us to Know About Your Legacy Gift

Every year our organization receives bequests from individuals who did not inform us in advance that they have included us in their wills. We are extremely grateful for these gifts, for they enable us to continue the work that was obviously important to the donors.

Doctor Revises Estate Plan for UW ‘Payback’

Some donors contribute to the University of Wisconsin-Madison with cash, some use appreciated securities, some use real estate. It’s rather unusual to do all three. But Dr. Joe Mnuk has an unusual story—how he wound up at the UW-Madison in the first place and how he and his wife, Julie, decided to revise their estate plans and give back.

Testing Your Charitable Aptitude

It might be a good idea for us to take what might be dubbed the “ESAT.” The letters refer to the “EState Aptitude Test,” and it would measure our understanding of estate planning principles, a necessary precondition for ensuring that our estates are distributed as we wish without unnecessary taxes.

Sarah Lowery- Achieve my Dream

I am so grateful to be a recipient of the Gladys Emerson Cook Scholarship, Barbara M. Hanson Brown Community Service Award, and Merit-Based Study Abroad Scholarship. It has also allowed me the financial freedom to achieve my dream of studying abroad for a semester in Rome, Italy, and soon to achieve my dream of obtaining a degree in Community & Nonprofit Leadership.

You Can Award a Gold Medal of Thanks with Your Charitable Gift

Our parents provided the nurturing, education, and guidance making our success more achievable. One way you may choose to honor your parents is a planned gift in their names at our organization, creating an endowment.

Chemistry Instrument Center Gives Students State-of-the-Art Access, Training, and Research Support

A gift from former UW-Madison chemistry professor Paul Bender and his wife, along with Bender's expertise and hard work, helped build the Chemistry Instrument Center into a premiere facility. Today, students conducting research enjoy open access to the center's facilities and the staff's expertise.

PEOPLE Program Honored with Regents’ Diversity Award

The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Pre-college Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) program is the recipient of the sixth annual Regents' Diversity Award for team excellence, presented by the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents.

Now Is the Time to Turn Bonds into Charitable Gift Income

Very likely your investment portfolio includes bonds as well as equities. Like other bond investors, your objectives in purchasing them were to reduce volatility, preserve your capital, and have interest income higher than you could get from cash investments. Another benefit that many bondholders have realized during the prolonged period of low-interest rates has been appreciation of market value.

AT&T Announces $35,000 Donation to Support UW-Madison’s PEOPLE Program

During a visit with UW-Madison Chancellor Rebecca Blank today, AT&T Wisconsin State President Scott T. VanderSanden announced a $35,000 AT&T donation to support UW-Madison’s PEOPLE program and help underserved students prepare for and successfully complete higher education.

Bank Deposits You Did Not Make

Philanthropy can generate financial and social rewards. However, the philanthropist makes deposits in the life bank of others not so much to receive future rewards but in recognition of what has already been received.

Martha Taylor Named 2013 Outstanding Fundraising Professional

An outstanding fundraiser is exceptional in all areas of the profession: development, ethical commitment, leadership, education, research, publication and innovation. And for 38 years, Martha Taylor has not only embodied all of these aspects of the profession, but has also been a pioneer in the fields of women’s fundraising and philanthropy.

Cinderella at the Stock Market

The Cinderella of the fairy tale has a clock to warn her of the latest moment by which she must exit the ball. However, as Warren Buffet has noted, when it comes to investing there are no clocks on the wall, and investors persuade themselves that they still have time before the party ends.

Family’s Legacy Professorship Strengthens Danish Studies

Dr. Paul Madsen, professor emeritus in urology at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, and his wife, Dr. Renate Madsen, recently honored their family’s Danish and German heritage by establishing the Paul and Renate Madsen Professorship in Danish in the College of Letters & Science. This Professorship will encourage scholarship and research to preserve the university’s historic strengths in Danish studies.

Ben Davis- Invaluable to my Growth

The scholarships I have received from the School of Music and the Raymond F. Dvorak Scholarship have been very important for my family. The financial assistance provided through these scholarships really have been of much use in reducing the net cost of my schooling and that has allowed me to be able to continue experiencing all of these great things that I have been able to do up here at UW, so I am extremely thankful!

Jeff Snyder- Start Myself on this Trajectory

Without the Hilldale Undergraduate Research Grant at UW-Madison, I would not have had the freedom and resources to start myself on this trajectory when I did, and I may not have found my way to the creative and exciting field I work in today.

Jacob Wolbert- Connect with People

Thanks to these scholarships, I have been able to further my love of Brazilian music, develop a better understanding of the Portuguese language, and connect with people across the university and country that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with.

Davis Gift to Human Ecology to Benefit Design Students

During her 30 years as a professor in the School of Human Ecology, Ruth Danielson Davis showcased student work in the rooms, hallways, and cabinets of the Human Ecology Building. Now, a $4.6 million gift from her estate to the School of Human Ecology will play a major role in getting student work even more exposure in the future.

Advances in Molecular Archaeology

Unrestricted gifts make the difference in the dean’s ability to invest in people and programs that help the college provide a world-class liberal arts education.

4 Reasons Why Estate Plans Are Not Just for the Wealthy

In actuality, the need for estate planning applies to everyone. A smaller estate requires even more care to avoid unnecessary expenses and retain the maximum amounts for fulfilling your personal, financial, and philanthropic goals.

Courtney Holdt- Help Students Just Like I Was Helped

The scholarships I have received from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences have truly been amazing. It is awesome to know that there are people out there who want to give back to our school, it shows just how amazing CALS and the University of Wisconsin are.

Taylor Holterman- A Love for Learning

Coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and specifically the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences has opened my eyes to the opportunities that this motivation can take me to, as well as surrounding me with a supportive community of peers, advisors, professors and industry contacts.

“My income is going up every year because I’m giving money away.”

“The university is benefiting, and I’m tremendously benefiting,” Becker said. “My income is going up every year because I’m giving money away. I can’t think of a better way to say thank you to the university.”

Meet Jenny Laaser (’13)

Jenny Laaser ventured out of the lab and into the newsroom in a quest to bridge the gap between the public and researchers who often use scientific jargon.

Meet Milton Repollet-Pedrosa (’13)

During his time at UW-Madison, Milton Repollet-Pedrosa has made a point to contribute to the chemistry graduate program by helping to forge a new path of study in materials chemistry.

Meet Josh Shutter (’14)

From an internship at NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab to research in a UW-Madison astrochemistry research group, Josh Shutter's undergraduate research experiences are opening doors to a meaningful future in science.

Charitable Gifts – Always “On Sale”

We have all seen advertisements like this one. They work because we like to buy things at a discount. We are pleased when a homeowner accepts a purchase offer well below the list price and when an automobile dealer drops the price during negotiations.

Gift Provides Unprecedented, Discretionary Support to Pharmacy School

Marla Ahlgrimm saw a need in women’s health and successfully filled it. She has become an inspiration and a role model to entrepreneurs everywhere.

First, fishing. Then, volleyball. Serious fun at Trout Lake Station

Each summer, undergraduates from UW-Madison travel to the Trout Lake Research Station in Boulder Junction, Wis., for a one-of-a-kind hands-on research experience in the northwoods. Support for these unique student employees and their graduate student mentors is supported by the Juday and Lane families as well as grants from the National Science Foundation.

Telling the Story of the World

UW-Madison classics professor William Aylward will lead a team of archaeologists and other scientists to the city of Troy, armed with new scientific tools for the study of ancient biological and cultural environments.

100 Women Wall Recognizes Women’s Contributions

Nancy Nicholas Hall construction and restoration is complete, making a welcoming home for students, faculty and alumni of the School of Human Ecology.

Innovative Research for treating PTSD

Combat veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq and suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, are finding relief from non-traditional treatments being studied by scientists at UW-Madison’s Waisman Center.

Wisconsin School of Business: Redefining Education

The Wisconsin School of Business Innovation Fund is providing the funding needed for the School to explore new approaches to teaching as part of the campus effort to focus on educational innovation.

Morgridge Professorships Spark Innovation

Gratitude for their own success and a desire to make life better for others has led John and Tashia Morgridge to pay it forward, most recently with two endowed professorships.

Red Shirts for Best and Brightest

For many promising students, a UW-Madison education would be out of reach if not for the financial aid provided by generous donors.

La Bahn Arena is State-of-the-Art Facility

Lead donors Charles “Chuck” LaBahn and his wife, Mary Ann, played a key role in the construction of a new hockey and swimming training and competition facility.

Seeding our Future

What does innovation mean for the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences? Creative plant breeding efforts to feed the demand for organic food. The fruits of Tessa Peters’ labor taste sweet.

Revitalizing the Wisconsin Experience

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight, but the best ideas endure. The long-awaited Lakeshore Gateway corridor nears completion. A vibrant cultural hub. With Babcock Hall ice cream.

Growing Energy the Holistic Way

At the Wisconsin Energy Institute, innovation means sustainable clean energy that increases efficiency, diversifies the energy sector and supports the ecosysytem.

Adding New Dimensions to an Old Curriculum

Donors make innovation happen in Mechanical Engineering. A $1.5 million gift helps better prepare students for a dynamic industry.

Collaboration Encourages Student Excellence

How does the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education support an innovative program? By assessing the success of hard-working high school students with college ambitions.

Nursing Solutions Make Every Day Better

What does innovation mean at the School of Nursing? Online resources at school nurses’ fingertips with potentially life-saving benefits.

Are We There Yet?

Everyone who has taken a trip with small children has heard the above question. The correct response is not, “No, it's 600 miles before we reach the national park; it will take us twelve more hours; now please be quiet.” Instead, the wise parent breaks the trip into intermediate goals spaced no more than an hour or two apart.

Riding High: Course Makes Biking Accessible to Children with Disabilities

This summer's Biking for Everyone course is a unique eight-week class that's designed to help kids with disabilities learn how to ride. The program is run through the department's adaptive physical fitness program, and is made possible by support from Pacific Cycle, which is headquartered in Madison and sells more bicycles than any other company in North America.

We Hope They Find Out What Causes It

After surviving Stage 3C ovarian cancer, Alvina Runde and her husband, Pat, give what they can to promote cancer research.,

Meet Tong Wang (’15)

Tong Wang, a campus tour guide, encourages prospective students to get involved in research at UW-Madison. As a chemistry major, his research experience has allowed him to learn how to ask questions and investigate like a scientist.

Meet Clara Ye (’14)

Clara Ye enjoys interacting with kids. That’s why she hopes to become a pediatrician. The research skills she’s learning today as a chemistry student lay the groundwork for the clinical skills that will help her make a difference in patients’ lives.

Meet Alison Wendlandt (’15)

Graduate students don’t rub shoulders with Nobel Laureates every day. But chemistry graduate student Alison Wendlandt did at the 2013 Lindau Nobel Laureate meeting. The experience confirmed for her the importance of fundamental science research.

The Revival of Charitable Remainder Trusts

Now all of those factors that worked against charitable remainder trusts have been reversed. The Dow is at an all-time high, home prices are rising again, and income-tax rates are back to where they were in the 1990s. The capital-gain tax rate on securities and non-depreciated real estate can reach 23.8 percent—including the new health-care surtax—and the top income-tax rate is once again 39.6 percent.

Yak Ranch Benefits University

When Dr. Tom Koehler was tired of pumping iron at a gym, he established a yak ranch for outdoor exercise. When his life circumstances changed, he made a gift of the ranch to the UW-Madison.

Potato Industry Helps Create New Professorship to Lead UW’s Potato Breeding Program

Jeff Endelman was hired through a partnership between the university and the Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association. Taking advantage of a new option to fund UW professorships, the WPVGA agreed to provide $370,000 over the course of five years to support Endelman’s position and research.

Lana Yang- My Dream College

None of the experiences made from wandering on State Street to hiking up Bascom Hill are possible without the generosity of so many people. I am glad to call the University of Wisconsin my home.

Keep Bequests in Balance with Percentage Provisions

Specifying some bequests in exact dollar figures rather than percentages can have a significant impact on how your assets are distributed - and possibly result in distributions other than what you desired.

Sarah Ruplinger- I am so Grateful

The Lucile Schreiber and Wendel A. Witkay Scholarship of $1,000 is greatly appreciated because it decreases my need for student loans. It has been an honor and a blessing to receive this scholarship award. This scholarship is helping to make my dream come true!

A $5 Million Gift for the Ages

A funny thing happened to Mary and Carl Gulbrandsen on their way to the Dane County airport last fall. The passengers whom they were transporting to fly back to their California home suddenly gave the Gulbrandsens an assignment: If it were up to them, where would they create two new faculty chairs at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?

Chemists Find New Compounds to Curb Staph Infection

Chemists find new compounds to curb staph infection. The new research was conducted with support from the Office of Naval Research, the Burroughs Welcome Fund and the Kimberly-Clark Corp.

Tax Freedom Day: Moving the Date

Imagine that you saved every penny of your gross income beginning on January 1 of this year. By what date would you have saved enough to pay your entire federal, state, and local taxes for the year? That date is your Tax Freedom Day. In a sense you work for governments until that date, for yourself afterwards.

Longtime Fundraiser Departing UW Foundation

Mark Lefebvre, senior vice president for principal gifts at the UW Foundation, has been a champion of UW people, programs and projects for almost 30 years. He’ll depart the foundation this month. “It was here I found great animating ideas,” Lefebvre said of UW-Madison. “It was here that I found the best expression of the Wisconsin Idea.”

Higher Income-Tax Rates Can Mean Greater Savings

With American taxpayers on the edges of their seats, Congress finally passed new tax legislation on New Year’s Day 2013 that halted most of the automatic tax increases due to take effect upon the expiration of Bush-era tax cuts.

Seeds of Greatness

Coming from a family of limited financial means, Ashya Kaderabek-Vela feels fortunate to attend UW–Madison. Her path through the UW has been greatly eased by a grant from the Great People Scholarship fund, which offers need-based grants to fill gaps between various other sources of financial aid.

Charitable Bequests: Something for Everyone

Many people would love to make substantial gifts to their favorite charities during their lifetimes. For some that is within reach, especially with good planning; for others a lifetime gift is beyond their comfort zones. Regardless of your personal circumstances, a bequest can be an excellent way to meet your philanthropic objectives.

CSD Professor, Students Again Make Difference in Guatemala

For the second straight year, clinical associate professor Michelle Quinn and a group of graduate students from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders assisted in literacy efforts in Guatemala over winter break.

Keeping Track of Capital-Gain Tax Rates

As you plan your 2013 charitable gifts, give particular attention to appreciated property that you have considered selling and which you might be willing to contribute instead, either outright or for a plan that pays you income.

Share the Wonderful Exceeds Goal, Shows Power of Many

“The University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the scholarships I received to attend, changed my life in more ways than one. Contributing to the annual campaign is the least I can do,” says John, who is a student services coordinator on campus.

Internship Program does Students Justice

Allison Gilmore is pursuing a certificate in Criminal Justice and, as such, needed to complete a summer internship. She found one in the Juvenile Court Intake Department of Children’s Court Services in her native Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The experience proved transformative.

Physical Abilities No Match for UW-Madison Researcher’s Dreams

UW-Madison engineering researcher and PhD candidate Craig Schuff was paralyzed from the neck down in a 2011 accident in Lake Monona. That hasn’t stopped him from conducting high level research. He is working on a machine called an inertial electrostatic confinement device, which uses fusion to generate neutrons. Those neutrons are then used to scan packages and detect clandestine materials such as smuggled explosives and nuclear materials.

Center for Healthy Minds Receives Grant from Mental Insight Foundation

Through the grant, CHM will actively pursue “Evaluating Integrative Treatments for Veterans with PTSD Using State-of-the-Art Brain Imaging.”

Epitome4Iyanna tweet on PEOPLE Program

To all are the one of the main reasons I chose @UWMadison over Yale. #ThanksUW

Board All Aces When it Comes to Giving

When it comes to annual giving, the School of Education’s Board of Visitors (BOV) earns a perfect score. One hundred percent of the 17 members committed to make gifts to the School’s annual fund – a unique feat

Extending Wisconsin’s Raspberry Season

Annual fund gifts help UW-Madison professors and students help Wisconsin’s fruit growers.

Tax Program Helps Working Poor

Thanks to a free tax preparation program, families across the country claim deserved deductions and receive student aid.

Dream it, Design it, Build it

A $1.5 million alum gift helps the Department of Mechanical Engineering better prepare students for a dynamic industry.

Looking Up

Prestigious professorship is the impetus for a structural engineering renaissance at UW-Madison. In our built environment, it seems even the sky’s not the limit.

From Canvas to CAD

George Dergalis died in February 2012, and his wife, Margaret, is honoring his memory through an endowed gift that will help encourage students to solve problems creatively across disciplines.

Love of Big Ideas Led Inventor to Wisconsin Project

Fourteen years ago, Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering Gerald Kulcinski sat down for lunch with a fellow member of the National Academy of Engineering, Wilson Greatbatch. That chance meeting led to a decade-long collaboration between Greatbatch and the UW-Madison fusion engineering team.

Tips on Timing Your Year-End Charitable Gift

The effective date of your contribution is the day you mail or hand-deliver the check, provided you have placed no restrictions on the cashing of the check.

Personal Experiences Inspire Alzheimer’s Research

Alzheimer’s research at the UW-Madison is advancing on many fronts. Passion and concern can be seen in the number of individual and foundation donors backing Alzheimer’s research efforts..

An Upbeat Investment in Young Musicians

Pianist-composer Johannes Wallmann, formerly director of jazz studies at California State University, East Bay, was hired from a field of more than 140 applicants and started this fall as the John and Carolyn Peterson Professor of Jazz.

Tax Changes: Will They Work or Won’t They?

One of the greatest areas of uncertainty facing American taxpayers is what will happen with the tax code. Here is a synopsis of how different - but plausible - scenarios could develop.

Ann Coplan- Inspired to Teach

Ann Coplan’s grandparents inspire her. “All four of them have shaped my life in various ways, and I would not be the person I am today without them,” she wrote. Coplan, who received the George Koeppel and Frances Z. Combee scholarships, follows two of her grandparents into teaching.

A Gift that Goes all the Way to Troy

Gifts to the College of Letters & Science allowed Professor William Aylward to involve students in his archaeological expedition of Troy.

UW Student Awarded One of Nation’s First Organic Plant Breeding Fellowships

The story of how Tessa Peters ended up snagging one of the nation's first graduate fellowships in organic plant breeding begins in an unlikely place: the middle of the ocean. After earning a bachelor's degree in physics, she set out as a geophysicist, mapping the ocean floor aboard a large ship. During her time off, she traveled widely and stumbled upon her new career path.

Acknowledging a Mentor’s Guidance

After seeing their son excel with help of a faculty mentor, Stew and Deb Stender made a gift that will help students at the Wisconsin School of Business.

Katrina Van Dyke- Discovering Her True Calling

Academics and a family tradition of attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison drew Katrina Van Dyke to the state’s flagship university. And she arrived with a plan. Finish a genetics major in four years and continue in the graduate program in genetics counseling.

Experiencing the World

Rachel Glab was in Montserrat on bird business-specifically, researching how to protect the Montserrat oriole, a species facing various threats. International travel would have been beyond her means without funding from the CALS Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.

Robert Wiedenhoeft- A Badger for Life

Attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison was Robert Wiedenhoeft’s first choice since he watched Ron Dayne break the NCAA rushing record at Camp Randall Stadium.Wiedenhoeft, from Franklin, Wisconsin, also knew choosing the UW-Madison was the best way for me to hold onto his Wisconsin roots and be well prepared to become a teacher.

Alexandra Branscombe Receives Two Prestigious Scholarships

Alexandra Branscombe, a fifth-year senior in LSC, has received the J.W. Watt Agricultural Journalism Memorial Scholarship and the Douglas D. Sorenson Scholarship.

Melanie Zaferos- Pursuing a Dream to Teach

Melanie Zaferos from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, follows her mother, father and sister to the UW-Madison. She’s pursuing her lifelong dream to become an elementary school teacher and hopes to one day also teach abroad. The Ab and Nancy Nichols Great People Scholarship and Alta T. & Daniel B. Straley Scholarship allow her to continue her higher education.

Kayla Steinhorst- Living Up to Her Potential

Kayla Steinhorst from Baraboo, Wisconsin, believes the UW-Madison will allow her to reach her educational potential, and she wrote that she also appreciates Madison’s unique and exciting atmosphere. The Gwen P. Shapiro Rural Nursing Scholarship isn’t just a monetary award for Steinhorst; it’s a recognition of her hard work and her parents’ commitment to help her as much as they can, despite tough economic times.

Hyunah Cho- New Country, New Challenges

The Oscar Rennebohm Teaching Award gives graduate assistant Hyunah Cho confidence to teach American students, even though he’s from South Korea. The teaching assistant award also encourages her to stay in academia to perform research and teach students. “I truly appreciate your generosity and hope sometime in my life, I can help students as now you help us,” Cho wrote.

Ellen Conroy- Reaching for Excellence

Inspired by her mother, Ellen Conroy, who plans to become a pediatrician, doesn’t believe in stopping at “good enough.” The Wren Torgerson Scholarship allows her to worry less about how she pays for tuition, books and housing as she pursues her dream and may also allow her to volunteer abroad.

Appreciating the Connections

The financial aid Lenore Maruyama received at the UW-Madison is one reason she has made student support a priority in her giving.

Why I Give: Robert Mathieu

Robert Mathieu, an astronomy professor currently on sabbatical, was on the Faculty Senate’s University Committee in 2008 when he and Chair Ann Hoyt led the Faculty-Staff Great People Scholarship Campaign.He talked about the reasons behind the Great People effort and why it matters to students, faculty, staff and the campus as a whole.

Why I Give: Ann Hoyt

Ann Hoyt is a professor of consumer science in the School of Human Ecology. In 2008, as chair of the Faculty Senate’s University Committee, she and Robert Mathieu headed up the Faculty-Staff Great People Scholarship Campaign. She talks about that experience and the emotional rewards of supporting UW-Madison students.

Meet Alexandra Branscombe

Meet Alexandra Branscombe, a CALS Life Sciences Communication student who is excited and grateful to be the recipient of the J.W. Watt Agricultural Journalism Memorial Scholarship and Douglas D. Sorenson Scholarship.

Give Stock and Increase Its Basis

This is the year that you have decided to make a larger gift than usual to a charity such as ours. You are well aware that, from a tax standpoint, it is better to give appreciated securities because you get a deduction for fair-market value and avoid being taxed on the capital gain.

Encouraging Family Physicians

The Korbitz Endowed Scholarship has rewarded 23 medical students who’ve made a commitment to family medicine.

Carbohydrates Influence Stem Cells, Tuberculosis

By manipulating specific carbohydrates, Professor Laura Kiessling has discovered a better way to grow stem cells and new approaches for treating diseases such as tuberculosis, which affects a third of the world’s population.

Ensuring a Future

Few of us can resist a golden retriever. Big, lovable, friendly. After living with five goldens, John and Linda Nelson designated a planned gift for cancer research in the School of Veterinary Medicine.

Changing Lives One Treatment, One Student at a Time

After earning his master’s and doctoral degrees from the UW-Madison, retired biochemist James Chieh-Hsia Mao, who fled Chinese Communism, wants to help students and better the world.

Attracting the World’s Best Minds

What’s a department chair to do, when he’s given six new faculty lines but needs start-up packages to go with them. Donors step in.

Targeting a Strategic Approach

Dr. Douglas McNeel and his team at the Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research (WIMR) have been targeting ways the body might fight off prostate tumors.

Magnetic Field Study

Gifts to the L&S Annual Fund support ground-breaking research about how magnetic fields are generated. The Madison Plasma Dynamo Experiment is the first facility in the world to study the origin of the magnetic fields of planets, stars and galaxies. The origin of magnetic fields in universe is unknown, despite efforts by many scientists. The donations allowed for the creation of a new laboratory hosting an innovative sphere that is the focal point of the experiment.

Fund the Future

Gifts to the L&S Annual fund benefit the L&S Freshman Scholar Award allow the College to provide assistance to 25 outstanding first-year students.

Collaborating on a Masterpiece

The Chazen Museum is a cornerstone of the visionary East Campus Gateway, which, when completed, will provide a swath of carefully planned development from Regent Street to Lake Mendota.

Moving the Student Giving Spirit

By several measures, students giving to support UW–Madison and their awareness of its importance leaped forward in 2011.

Helping One Aids Many

Abby Bernhagen, recipient of a Great People Scholarship, tested wastewater from the Salvadoran community of Nejapa as a member of the student organization Engineers Without Borders–El Salvador.

GE Healthcare to Provide Anticipated $32.9 Million for New Imaging Research Facility

Imagine a place where doctors can tell patients in advance if cancer treatment will work for them, without going through an entire course of chemotherapy. The UW School of Medicine and Public Health, GE Healthcare and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation today announced new agreements focused on bringing that vision to life.

Farmers Have Reaped the Benefit of His Work

Glenn Coates and his wife, Dolores, live in Racine and have made gifts to establish the Jake Beuscher/Coates Family Scholarship in the Law School.

Emily Nelson- Greatest Gift of All

I love attending my classes, strolling around the city, and enjoying the atmosphere. It is the opportunity that a scholarship can give a young student that is the greatest gift of all.

Turning Gold Into Green

Selling an appreciated commodity like gold can have significant tax implications. Establishing a charitable remainder trust or making a gift can help ease that burden.

Million-dollar Keck Foundation Grant Funds UW-Madison Genome Research

An interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has received a $1 million grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation to fund research into creating synthetic genome "foundries."

Donald Radcliffe- Scholarships Lead to Growth, Service

A big reason I am able to pursue these incredible experiences is that I have had financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

Giving in the United States: You’re in Good Company

Each year the Giving USA Foundation reports on charitable giving in the United States. Their most recent report issued in June 2012 estimates that total giving by individuals, charitable bequests, foundations, and corporations reached $298.4 billion in 2011—a 4% increase over 2010.

Lending a Hand to Low-Income Workers

Wisconsin Business Development has funded initiatives in the Center on Business and Poverty to help low-income employees.

Channeling Campus Resources to Sustain Tomorrow’s Health

Ensuring world health today and tomorrow will require resources from across campus, says Jonathan Patz, director of the Global Health Institute.

Why I Give: Russell Has Witnessed What Giving Makes Possible

Jeff Russell has seen what philanthropy can do on campus, and that’s a big reason he and his wife, Vicki, support the UW-Madison.

With Help from Milwaukee Company, Two Engineers Graduate with a Head Start

Two University if Wisconsin-Madison engineering graduates had a head start on promising careers even as they crossed the stage in the May 2012 commencement ceremony. Now they will join the ranks of engineers at Rockwell Automation.

Fueling Dreams: Chad Navis Studies, Encourages Entrepreneurship

Chad Navis, assistant professor of management and human resources, uses his research into entrepreneurship to inform his classes, encouraging students to start successful businesses.

Mellon Foundation Backs a New Paradigm for Area Studies

The Mellon Foundation gift will provide “bridge funding” over several years to allow the university to prepare for the future.

7 Changing Life Circumstances That Should Prompt You to Take Action and Review Your Will

Changes in any of the conditions in effect when you first drafted your will should cause you to reexamine your plans in light of new circumstances. We all need to be alert to events that signal a review of our estate plans.

Summer Snapshots: Badgers Go Digging

Most of the students in the College of Letters & Science may be away, but that doesn’t mean the action has stopped on campus. Our faculty and staff are still living out the Wisconsin Idea, both in Madison and all over the world.

Looking Out for Small Towns

K. Gus Vlahadamis has established the Vlahadamis Law Firm Scholarship in the University of Wisconsin Law School, and once it is endowed, he would like it to support Wisconsin students outside of Dane and Milwaukee counties interested in practicing in rural Wisconsin.

Couple Share Eclectic Collection, Asian-inspired Garden During High Tea

During the High Tea, an annual event that spotlights homes and collections of people who have supported the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection, Linda Brazill and Mark Golbach shared their motivations in building their collection and constructing the garden.

Innovation Spurs Investment

Paul Lawrence and Marian Buccafurni consulted with the UW Foundation in establishing one of the charitable remainder trusts that are part of their estate plan. Eventually, that charitable remainder trust will fund scholarships at the UW-Madison.

Hailey Akers- A New Perspective

After completing my first year at UW-Madison I have taken a new perspective on the value of education. Education not only is obtained through the classroom, but it also obtained through experience.

Amanda Detry- A Sense of Place

Financial support from scholarships enables students like Amanda to explore the many opportunities the UW has to offer.

Fresh Air Led to a New Life

After growing up in the heat of Mississippi and Louisiana, Dorothy Pearson felt the cool breeze off Lake Michigan in June and sensed it was the wind of change.

The Virtual Endowment

This arrangement functions like a fully funded endowment. The only difference is that you, not UW Foundation, hold the principal until you are ready to release it.

Evan Mast- Positive Influence

Many students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison take time to make a difference in the community. Evan witnessed the impact that his fellow students were making and was inspired to do the same.

Missy Setz- Engineering an Improved Quality of Life

Missy is a devoted and enthusiastic Badger who found her passion in Geological Engineering and Environmental Studies. A program called Engineers Without Borders provided her with the opportunity to take her enthusiasm to El Salvador where she helped improve the quality of life in a rural community.

Why I Give: A Lifetime of Great Experiences Inspires Philanthropy

Karen Pridham and her husband, Walt, give jointly to various initiatives on campus, including the School of Nursing, the Great People Scholarship, the Wisconsin Union and more. She shared some of their motivations for their gifts.

Give Assets Strategically for the Most Benefit

Most people pass significant portions of their estates to family members, but they also leave legacies to charities that they consider important to their communities. Does it make a difference which assets they give to family and which they give to charity? From a tax standpoint, absolutely.

Happy Blues: Arrival of Limited-edition Chair Kicks Off Union Campaign

Joy Amundson (’76 BA L&S), who serves on the Wisconsin Union’s Campaign Cabinet, jumped at the opportunity to own a piece of Badger history: a limited-edition Mendota Blue chair.

Varsity Band Concert Thrills, with Support from Baird

The UW Varsity Band Concert played to exuberant Kohl Center crowds in April.

Erin Mellenthin – Altering My Perspective

With graduation looming, every day that passes heightens my anticipation. Though I freely admit the lure of the stage and graduation ceremony, are not what I am most anticipating. Instead I cannot wait to go out, and practice what I have learned in my time at UW-Madison.

School of Nursing celebrates ground breaking

A dream two decades in the making moved a step closer to reality on Saturday, April 21, when the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing broke ground on its new building. The Wisconsin State Journal’s Deborah Ziff covered the event and the journey to get there.

Jennifer Sanchez- Desire to Help Others

Originally from Brooklyn, NY and most recently from Wellington, FL I moved to Wisconsin to pursue a doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. Being a single mother of 2 children, my decision affected more than just my life. My children could not be more supportive.

Alliant Energy Foundation Backs Campus Initiatives

The life-improving Odyssey Project, the University of Wisconsin Center for Nonprofits and the Wisconsin Union Theater are the beneficiaries of grants from the Alliant Energy Foundation to support programs at the UW-Madison.

Pay It Forward

Jennifer Holle brought work ethic from the farm to CALS, where she’s majoring in dairy science. Besides hard work, another key to Holle’s success has been crucial financial assistance. Holle is a two-time recipient of a Wisconsin Rural Youth Scholarship, a program that CALS set up in 2009 specifically for young people like her.

Double Win: Back the Badgers, Support Student Interns at Spring Football Game

Proceeds from the April 28 Wisconsin Football Spring Game will support a new program in the School of Human Ecology’s Center for Nonprofits that will match prospective interns with nonprofits and help the students get paid for their work.

Stem Cells Benefit Heart Research

By translating discoveries into practical applications, the School of Medicine and Public Health battles cardiovascular disease.

Thinking About Selling a Rental House but Don’t Like Paying Tax on the Gain?

With a charitable remainder trust, you can avoid taxation of the gain when the property is sold and receive income for life from the entire proceeds.

Will Provision Works Best

Even though he graduated from Northwestern University, Robert P. “Bob” Gleason has always held the University of Wisconsin-Madison, particularly its athletic teams, close to his heart.

Student Research to Help Wisconsin Farmers

Caitlin Henning and Anders Gurda, who both secured Annual Fund-supported graduate assistantships, are exploring how to create regional markets and control Canada thistle in the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Agroecology Master’s Program.

Supporting a Family Member Can Benefit Both the University and You

Exploring the versatility of the unitrust through a hypothetical example about how a unitrust can provide support for an older relative, benefit charity, and increase your annual spendable income.

Suran Estate Gift Fights Cancer in Pets and Humans

David Vail, the new Barbara Suran Chair in Comparative Oncology in the School of Veterinary Medicine, is dedicated to fighting cancer in animals – and humans.

Memorial Fund Established in Honor of Anthony Shadid

After the tragic death of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and UW-Madison alumnus Anthony Shadid while on assignment in Syria, friends and alumni have started a memorial fund in his honor.

Art Workshops Deepen Connections between High School Teachers, UW Artists

Workshops supported by art graduate Helen Burish have strengthened the connection between area high school teachers and artists in the Department of Art at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Through Bequest, Professor Obert Remains a Champion for Undergrads

Mechanical Engineering Professor Edward Obert was passionate about his students and, through a bequest, continues to support scholarships, building renovations, student travel and the vehicle teams.

Gifts Improve Discourse on Rwanda, Judicial Decisions, Union Politics

Gifts help the Department of Political Science recruit and retain top faculty, who examine world issues.

Recently Retired? Create a Source of Additional Income That Can Increase—and Avoid Capital-Gain Tax

People often find themselves in a classic “locked-in” position in their investment. They want to convert the value of the investment to a source of income but face heavy capital-gain tax. If you face this conundrum, consider a charitable remainder unitrust.

UW-Madison Launches Surgery Research Program for Teens

Students in the surgery program will be selected from those enrolled in UW-Madison’s Precollege Enrichment Opportunity for Learning Excellence (PEOPLE) program.

Bascom Hill Society Members to Gather in March

Invitations to great events such as Wisconsin Weekend Away are just one of the benefits of membership in the Bascom Hill Society.

Selig Lecturer: Baseball Helped Japanese Connect with America

In “One Base at a Time,” the Selig Distinguished Lecture in Sport and Society, Professor Samuel O. Regalado illuminated how baseball helped shape Japanese American identity and build social and global bridges.

Nursing Looks to the Future

Thanks to named professorships, the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing is recruiting new faculty to bolster clinical teaching, encourage cooperation among health-care providers and delve deeper into how nurses can best serve families and children.

Spreading the Word: The UW Student Foundation

The UW Student Foundation is focused on raising awareness of how much private support means to the University. “What we want to do is educate students about the alumni and friends of the University and what they are doing to help campus and students,” founder Seamus Fitzgerald said.

Storied Career Inspires Generous Gift

Professor Harold Scheub, who has taught on campus for more than 40 years, has established a Great People Scholarship. “My whole life is students,” he said. “I love walking into that classroom.”

Gifts in Memory of “Dr. Dave” Impact Students

Whether judging cattle or investing in students, David Dickson had an uncanny ability to seize the positive and sum it up succinctly. Gifts made since his death will continue to provide for what Dickson valued most—University students.

Lessons in Leadership

Willis Jones was a legendary Wisconsin high school coach. He knew how to motivate young people and inspire them to be champions and leaders. His daughter, Dottie King, and her husband, Bob, endowed the Willis L. Jones Student Leadership Center in Memorial Union so UW-Madison students would have an opportunity to learn their own lessons in leadership.

Teamwork Boosts La Bahn Arena Effort

Many University of Wisconsin-Madison hockey alumni joined with other major donors to assure that future players will have the best opportunity to add to a remarkable story.

Arena’s Benefits Spurred La Bahns’ Support

A new facility for hockey and swimming captured the interest of Charles and Mary Ann La Bahn.

Diversify Your Concentrated Holding with a Charitable Trust

Diversifying a portfolio can be achieved at different levels with the thoughtful use of a charitable trust.

Celebrities Give HEADRUSH a Boost

What do Scarlett Johansson, Gerard Butler, Justin Timberlake and Eva Longoria all have in common? Along with other celebrities, they each recently posed for “The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer,” a new book to benefit "HEADRUSH," a brain cancer research fund at the UW Carbone Cancer Center.

3M Foundation Continues Support for Research Experiences

The contribution will allow six students who have an interest in or strong potential for pursuing graduate degrees to participate in a nine-week-long summer research experience.

Turning a red fire engine ‘green’

The Bucky Wagon is back and looking better than ever, thanks to many donors who supported a two-year makeover.

Conduit from Rufus King to Madison: Scholarship attracts top students

Normally, the student transition from high school senior to college freshman means adjusting to a faster pace, a deeper curriculum and ramped-up expectations. Not so much for Korey Jasper, who experienced all those things as a 2010 graduate of Rufus King International Baccalaureate High School in Milwaukee.

‘Great people’ in the College of Engineering

The UW-Madison Great People Scholarship Campaign and funding through the College of Engineering Dean’s Fund for Excellence help keep the university accessible to students who have the intellectual ability, curiosity and tenacity to achieve their educational goals.

A Legacy of Lessons Learned

Wanting to create incentive for professors to be strong teachers, and to reward those already making waves in the classroom, Duane and his wife, Dorothy, funded the Duane H. and Dorothy M. Bluemke Professorship. Awarded every three years, the professorship allots funds to a faculty member for initiatives that improve the quality of education in the college.

Stamps Foundation Gives UW-Madison Stamp of Approval

The Stamps Scholar Program at the UW-Madison started this year in the School of Music. The UW Foundation is working with the Stamps Foundation to expand the Stamps Scholars program to other areas of campus.

A Place at the Table for Campus ‘Family Members’

With more than 40 years invested on campus, Chris and Marge Kleinhenz have deepened their relationship with their University family through their giving.

Target Hits the Mark with Grants to Campus

Target Corporation has a long history of generously supporting the University of Wisconsin-Madison. For nearly a decade, Target has enhanced and enabled student participation in numerous community service and educational events. Most recently, UW-Madison received nine Target campus grants totaling more than $40,000.

Engineering Students Prepare to “Connect for Life”

Now students and recent graduates have twice the incentive to make a gift to the College of Engineering. The college’s Industrial Advisory Board will double match these gifts as part of the Connect for Life introduction. The goal of Connect for Life is to start students on a path of lifelong involvement with the college and the University.

Blanchards Preserve Trail

With gifts and labor, the Blanchard Family improves the trails at the UW-Madison Arboretum.

Bascom Hill Society Members Learn About Restoration Plans for the Memorial Union

The November Showcase Luncheon featured Director of the Wisconsin Union Mark Guthier highlighting plans to improve Memorial Union and surrounding lakeshore.

Tenured Women Mentor New Women Faculty

Tenured women faculty help new women navigate the ins and outs of University life.

Alumni Share Medical School Memories with the First UW Medical School Great People Scholars

UW Medical School alumni met and mingled with Phil Miles and Heather Nennig, first year medical students and the school’s first Great People Scholars at a reception hosted by Dr. Dennis Maki and his wife, Gail. The November 10, 2011 event raised awareness and support for the Great People Scholarship Campaign.

Campus and Community Celebrate Chazen Museum of Art Addition

For an entire weekend, October 20 to 23, the campus community, city of Madison neighbors and dignitaries, and guests from around the country gathered to celebrate the grand opening of the Chazen Museum.

Honored Economist Builds on Wisconsin Roots

Noted economist Stephen Roach, who has supported career development in the Department of Economics, was honored as one of the recipients of the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Sheila Keaton- I get what students are going through

I was living and working off campus my sophomore year. I was paying for school on my own, and I had an intense and draining job. It was rough. Things turned around for me when I came back to campus as a House Fellow.

Changing the World One Cause at a Time

Members of the Women’s Philanthropy Council gathered November 2 for “Gender, Generations and Giving,” the Biennial Forum that is the group’s signature event.

Just How Many Federal Estate-Tax Returns Are Being Filed?

It should come as no surprise that there was a dramatic drop in the number of federal estate-tax (FET) returns filed in calendar year 2010. According to the IRS, only 15,191 returns were filed compared to 33,515 that were filed in 2009.

Celebrating Family Scholarships in Athletics, Education and Nursing

What happens when families establish scholarships? Wonderful things! Check out lunch with the Patterson Solie family and the first recipients of their scholarships.

Campus Readies for Selig’s Arrival

Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan H. "Bud" Selig, a 1956 graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, will return to campus to write his memoirs after he retires in 2012. Selig, a history major, has endowed a professorship on the history of sports, and scholarships have been created in his honor. In this Wisconsin State Journal story, George Hesselberg reports on preparations for Selig’s arrival.

Great People Scholarship Helps Students Reach Dreams

Rick Issod died during his sophomore year of college and was never able to achieve his dreams. But his parents are helping other UW-Madison students reach their goals through the Richard Scott Issod Great People Scholarship

A Very Dairy Future

“I hope to pursue a career as a dairy geneticist or research the human genome,” says Bethany Dado, 17, of Amery, who plans to double major in dairy science and genetics. And at the Wisconsin Junior State Fair in August, the high school senior won a statewide award to help her achieve those goals.

Have a Seat

A gift from Gary C. Wendt means additional sections of popular courses in the Wisconsin School of Business for non-business majors.

At Home in Madison

As related in this Wisconsin State Journal story, the Pro Arte Quartet was stranded in Madison when the Nazis invaded the musicians’ Belgian homeland in 1940. Then-University President Clarence Dykstra offered the Quartet refuge and extended an invitation for the group to serve as ensemble-in-residence at the UW-Madison, the United States’ first university resident string quartet. The Pro Arte Quartet will perform as part of the Bascom Hill Society Showcase Series luncheon on Tuesday, December 6, at Union South.

We did it! Bucky Challenge earns nearly $20,000 for scholarships

UW–Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Association have a message for the campus community of social media users: You have accomplished something historic. During the challenge period, students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends helped UW–Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Association make close to 20,000 new social media connections.

Considering a Roth IRA Conversion? Get a Loan to Pay the Tax, and Accelerate Your Gifts?

Whereas traditional IRAs are funded with pre-tax dollars and grow tax-free within the IRA, any distributions are fully taxable as ordinary income. In contrast, contributions to Roth IRAs are not deductible; however, the assets in a Roth grow on a tax-free basis and the distributions are tax-free to the recipient.

Patients, Families Join Wedding Party

Dr. Taryn Bragg celebrated her wedding with her patients at the American Family Children’s Hospital and designated gifts to benefit the institution.

Middleton Society Celebrates

Dr. Robert N. Golden, dean of the School of Medicine and Public Health, lauded the caliber of this year’s incoming class during the annual Middleton Society Celebration September 16 at Monona Terrace.

Partners Say Cheese

The Center for Dairy Research is at the heart of Wisconsin’s artisan cheese industry. Now, the cheese makers say thanks by supporting a campaign to renovate center facilities.

Astronaut and College of Engineering Alumnus Brewster Shaw Lands on Campus for Talk and Scholarship Presentation

Brewster Shaw, astronaut on three Space Shuttle missions, returned to the College of Engineering campus on September 14 to speak and to present an Astronaut Scholarship Foundation scholarship to College of Engineering student, Anthony Sprangers, a senior majoring in biomedical engineering.

Band Donors Enjoy their Five Minutes of Fame

More than 350 Wisconsin Marching Band supporters took the field with their students this Saturday, September 10, during half-time in the Wisconsin vs. Oregon State game. There's more to cheer about than just great Badger football.

Oregon State Visitors Get Badger Welcome

UW Foundation’s Corporate and Foundation Relations Department presented an overview of corporate relations on the UW-Madison campus and Madison community to visiting Oregon State University (OSU) personnel.

Foundation’s Gift Supports University Opera

The John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation has made a contribution of $15,000 to support a teaching assistant position for one year within the University Opera.

The Income Tax That Death Does Not Kill

A charitable gift to us of an item of income in respect of a decedent (so-called IRD) at the death of an individual is the most tax-efficient way of benefiting our organization.

Watchdogs on Beat Thanks to Internship

For the last three years, UW-Madison interns have worked with the Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative team at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel thanks to support from Sharon Stark.

Drugs Under the Microscope

Pharmacy research targets Central Nervous System Disorders at the source, in the brain. Assistant Professor Robert Thorne studies how to deliver medication across the blood-brain barrier.

Unitrusts Benefit Donor, University

With the proceeds from selling two condominiums in Vail, Colorado, Ed Drager created charitable remainder unitrusts through the UW Foundation. The unitrusts help his current financial situation and eventually will benefit UW-Madison.

Badgers Have the Right Game Plan When It Comes to Need-based Financial Aid

Badger sports produce more than excitement. Licensing fees and Big Ten Network shared revenue enabled the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department (UWAD) to contribute more than $2.7 million to support need-based financial aid. That’s championship performance.

PEOPLE Students, Supporters Celebrate Success

The July 29 PEOPLE Recognition Banquet celebrated 138 high school seniors arriving on the threshold of college and 87 UW-Madison freshmen who have gone through the pre-college portion of the PEOPLE Program.

Building an Estate-Planning Team

Estate planning is a comprehensive matter that involves all areas of your financial life it is unlikely that any one person or resource will meet all of your estate-planning needs. It is more likely that you will want a team of advisors to guide and assist you with various aspects of your planning.

Do You Shower Before or After Work?

Do people who come home grimy from manual labor jobs work harder than people who shower first and then go to work? Wisconsinites share their views with Associate Professor of Political Science Katherine Cramer Walsh.

Dictionary Benefits from Foundation Support

A $10,000 gift was received recently from The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation of New York on behalf of the Dictionary of American Regional English (DARE). Begun in 1965, the Dictionary collects and makes accessible in print all the words and expressions that American speakers of the English language use in their sections of the country but which are not used everywhere.

Guatemala Experience Changes Career Path

Abby Kalscheur may never forget following the spry Guatemalan farmer up the side of a volcano to his milpa, a small subsistence farm. Twenty students and three faculty members struggled to keep up with the father of 10, during an international learning trip.

Boeing Support Boosts Students, National Science Olympiad

For the past 25 years, corporate philanthropy from The Boeing Company has benefitted UW-Madison. This generous history continued in 2011, with a grant for $5,000 for undergraduate Boeing Scholarships in the College of Engineering and $5,000 to support the National Science Olympiad hosted by the University in 2011.

Nuclear Engineering in the Field

Bascom Hill Society members and guests were keenly interested in Professor of Engineering Michael L. Corradini‘s presentation on nuclear engineering and the reactor disaster in Japan.

Yiddish Culture at the Fore with KlezKamp, Greenfield Institute

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus became a nexus of Yiddish music and culture from July 10-14 thanks to the inaugural Madison Summer KlezKamp and the 12th annual Greenfield Summer Institute.

Human Ecology Building Named for Nancy Nicholas

The renovated School of Human Ecology building will be named for Nancy Johnson Nicholas, a 1955 graduate of the school and the major donor along with husband Albert "Ab" Nicholas for the new facility. Nancy Nicholas Hall, opening in 2012, will be the first facility on campus to be named for a female donor.

Tandem Press Wine Auction Attracts Enthusiastic Bidders

A summery June evening, the opportunity to support printmaking and the thrill of taking home a vintage wine attracted 175 people to the annual Tandem Press wine auction.

Legacy of Professor Joseph Dillinger Endures

When Theodore "Ted" Cohen published his first novel, "Full Circle," he mailed it to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Physics with a check and a note, reading, "In partial repayment of a debt long overdue."

High Tea a Success

Nearly 50 guests were refreshed by iced tea at this year’s High Tea benefit for the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection.

Assume Complexity in Social Work

Ed Irwin’s working to help other consumers (of mental health services) and students who will be social workers.

Gift Annuities a Sound Vehicle for this Engineer

G.R. "Duke" Williams is a hands-on kind of guy, but he finds that it makes sense for the University of Wisconsin Foundation to handle an increasing percentage of his portfolio through gift annuities.

WAA Introduces Ice Cream, Street Signs to Mark 150th

Alumni and friends helped the Wisconsin Alumni Association celebrate with a 150th birthday party on Alumni Pier. WAA introduced Mad Grad Medley ice cream and unveiled new street signs that will be installed across campus.

Students Soak in KlezKamp Experience Thanks to Donors

UW-Madison students were able to experience KlezKamp, a celebration of Yiddish culture, thanks to the William & Marjorie Coleman Fund for Undergraduate Learning Enhancement. The Madison Summer KlezKamp will be held July 10-14.

Pharmacy Scholarship Opens Doors to Opportunity

Pharmacy gives April Jue the opportunity to blend her interest in seeing results for patients with her love of science. Thanks to the Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) and several hundred alumni and friends, Jue has another opportunity: She can seriously consider studying in Ecuador this summer.

Visitors get Sneak Peek at Chazen Museum Expansion

Led by museum director Russell Panczenko, visitors donned hard hats and sensible shoes for a tour of the Chazen Museum of Art expansion. Completion is slated for late summer with grand opening celebrations in October.

Land-grant Tradition Lives on in Faculty Award

The land-grant university system, which allows ordinary people to follow their dreams, is vital to democracy, says Robert Spitze, a product of four land-grant institutions including the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With the Robert G. F. and Hazel T. Spitze Land Grant Faculty Award for Excellence in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, he hopes to ensure the land-grant tradition will not be forgotten.

Chancellor Martin Leaving UW-Madison for Presidency at Amherst College

"Chancellor Martin has displayed an uncanny ability to recognize and articulate the state, national and global forces shaping higher education and has taken innovative approaches to the resulting challenges," said UW Foundation President Mike Knetter. "While we will miss her passion and leadership on these issues, UW-Madison is defined by the strength of its many faculty, students, and alumni and remains a world leader in higher education. We will attract an outstanding leader to succeed her at UW-Madison."

North and Friends raise more than $900,000 for UWCCC

More than $900,000 was raised in the third annual Andy North & Friends Golf Classic events at Trappers Turn Golf Club and Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.

WAA-France Backs Scholar’s Study of Subversive Songs

University of Wisconsin-Madison PhD candidate and first-ever Ouisconsin Scholar Kelly Jakes has focused her research on how and why members of the Resistance used well-known tunes to subvert and battle their occupiers.

Great People Scholarships Give Great Students a Boost

UW Credit Union Great People Scholarships helped three seniors earn their bachelor’s degrees this spring.

Charitable Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance is the most widely held asset in the United States with trillions of dollars of policies in force. And for good reason: It provides protection against the economic loss suffered in the event of death or disability.

Mini Med School Shows Research in Action

The mini med school lecture series at the UW-Madison invites audience members to become med students to learn the latest information about heart disease and, June 20, breast cancer.

Whom Would You Honor?

The School of Education has created a program that makes it easy for you to recognize teachers and academic mentors. The Honor Your Teacher Campaign offers the opportunity to make a gift in honor of the educator who has made a profound impact on your life.

Award will Help Children with Brain Injuries

Dr. Joshua Medow is finding a way to help children and adults who rely on shunts to drain excess fluid from their brains. A three-year, $300,000 award from The Hartwell Foundation is moving the work forward.

Scientist Turned Wordsmith Impacts Students

Theodore “Ted” Cohen has authored five novels that share his life experiences—facts wrapped in fiction—that many Badgers will recognize.

Cellular and Molecular Biology Celebrates 50 years of Graduate Education

Students, alumni and faculty celebrate the program’s 50th anniversary Friday, May 27, with a day of presentations and time to reconnect. With the celebration, CMB also will announce a new fund created to support a lecture series that brings successful alumni back to campus each semester.

Football a Winner for Nursing

The new School of Nursing building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the biggest winner after the Badgers’ Spring Football game. Not only did 10,000 fans generate $50,000 in ticket revenues for the capital campaign, an unnamed donor, inspired by the game, gave $1 million to move the campaign forward to build a new home for the School.

Morgridges Matching Graduates’ Gifts

John and Tashia Morgridge have pledged to match each gift made by a member of the graduating UW-Madison senior class through the end of 2011.

A Gift of an Income Interest in a Charitable Life-Income Plan

Over the years, charitable life-income plans have grown in popularity as an effective means of making significant future gifts to the University while retaining the income from the contributed asset or assets for the life of the grantor and/or a designated income beneficiary. Learn about the benefits of such a gift for you and the University.

Breaking Ground Thanks to Gifts

Sharon Cole, a captain on the first Badger women’s hockey national champions in 2006, is one of the donors making the LaBahn Arena possible at UW-Madison. The Wisconsin State Journal shared her story in its May 12 edition.

PEOPLE Prep to be emulated in New Cardinal Stritch Effort

The University of Wisconsin-Madison PEOPLE program will partner with Cardinal Stritch University to develop the first ever program replicating PEOPLE at a non-UW institution.

Teen Fights Alzheimer’s with Bingo, Softball

While she cannot restore her grandmother’s memories, Ali Brems, a Kenosha, Wisconsin, 18-year-old, wants to help ensure other granddaughters won’t face the same loss. Inspired by an intensive high school course on Alzheimer’s disease, she hosted a Bingo fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease research as her senior project.

Encouraging Collaboration for Better Health

Evidence increasingly shows that nurses, physicians and pharmacists will need to collaborate more and communicate more closely to deliver affordable, top-quality health care. With an eye to encouraging a new, cooperative health-care model, Richard Sinaiko and his wife, Patricia, have established a new professorship in the School of Nursing.

Roses, Rhythm and Reminiscing Highlight the Annual Spring Band Concert

The April 14-16, 2011 spring Varsity Band concert celebrated the 125th birthday of the Wisconsin Marching Band and a return to the roses. Former “Tonight Show” drummer Ed Shaughnessy joined Professor Mike Leckrone, Varsity Band members and featured guest performers in a program that ranged from ragtime to rock, Motown to Broadway, Sousa to Sinatra, The Four Tops to the Fifth Quarter.

Braveheart Gifts Arrive with Stories

As animal lovers around the world have opened their hearts to help Braveheart, the dog that was rescued from a Kentucky dumpster, compassion and good wishes have washed through the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine.

Engineering Expo ’11 Mystifies and Motivates

Future engineers and scientists visited the College of Engineering to discover all the things engineers do. They performed experiments, controlled flashing lights, watched an earthquake swallow a building, built self-sufficient cells and learned that science is pretty interesting.

Coach’s Helping Hand Leads to Gift through Will

A favor that a coach did for young Richard Sierzant (’67 BS EDU) is being repaid through an athletic scholarship endowed through the alumnus’ will.

Wisconsin Weekend Away Earns a Solid ‘A’

California’s Rancho Bernardo Inn welcomed UW-Madison alumni and friends for the 2011 Wisconsin Weekend Away. The class of 81 participants called lecturers “extraordinary” and “enlightening.”

McBurney Disability Resource Center Celebrates Grand Opening

The campus center for students with disabilities welcomed guests for tours of its new state-of-the-art home in the heart of campus at 702 W. Johnson Street. Visitors, University of Wisconsin-Madison administrators, McBurney Center staff and students gathered to dedicate the facility, which includes unique design features and innovative programs that showcase the University’s leadership in serving this student population.

Four Professors Honored with Hilldale Award

Claudia Card, Bruce Klein, Max Lagally and Marsha Mailick Seltzer have been honored with 2011 Hilldale Awards, the top honor for faculty members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Scholarships Draw Top Talent to School of Music

"Donors make it possible for UW-Madison to get all the great talent that we have," senior Daniel Kim said. "Without them, this institution doesn’t happen, at least not the way it does today."

Details Set Union South Apart

By now, you have probably heard about Union South’s eight bowling alleys, the climbing wall, the new movie theater and the Sett, a three-story club and recreation complex named after a badger’s den. The details, however, are what make the new $94.8 million gathering spot a worthy partner for the historic Memorial Union.

Estate Planning and Credit Shelter Trusts – Do They Still Play an Important Role?

Estate owners were often cautioned that by taking full advantage of the marital deduction a deceased spouse would end up forfeiting his or her unused exclusion. To obviate this problem married couples employed a "credit shelter trust" (CST) in their estate plans.

Djerassi Play puts Relationships under the Microscope

Department of Theatre & Drama graduate students performed a staged reading of "Foreplay" before an engaged and entertained audience in the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery Town Center that included the play’s author, world-renowned scientist and fiction writer Carl Djerassi (’45 PhD L&S). Djerassi’s three-day visit to campus was an ILLUMINATE: UW-Madison Year of the Arts event.

R.W. Baird & Company Brings Featured Artist to Band Concert

R.W. Baird & Company will sponsor legendary drummer Ed Shaugnessy as guest artist at this year's UW Varsity Band Spring Concert. This will be the third year that Baird has supported the featured artist at the concerts. Previous artists have included world-class steelpan drum player Liam Teague and trumpet virtuoso Mark Pender.

Steven Sapkin, M.D.– Learning Life and Living

I enrolled at UW-Madison as a pre-med student in the fall of 1960, having received a full-tuition scholarship provided by the University. Good fortune smiled down on me when Dr. Irving Shain was assigned as my student advisor.

Debunking Myths about Native Americans’ Role in World War II

The Native Americans who fought in World War II were far different from the image of the “noble savage” common in Europe and even among many Americans. Professor John Hall debunked some of the myths surrounding the Indian as warrior and introduced the audience to a true American and true Indian hero at a recent Bascom Hill Society luncheon.

Lecture Links Crocheting, Geometry, Coral Reefs

The Hyperbolic Crocheted Reef Project, made of crocheted contributions from hundreds of craftswomen (and a few men) around the world, will be introduced to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Thursday, March 31. Project co-founder Margaret Wertheim, co-founder of the Institute for Figuring, presents the Ruth Ketterer Harris Lecture at 5:30 p.m. It is free and open to the public.

Proud Parents Lead Effort to Support Campus Libraries

Steve and Nancy Batterman of DePere have sent three children to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and they are glad the experiences have been overwhelmingly positive. Now, they are stepping forward to lead the UW Foundation’s 2011 Parents Enrichment Fund.

UW Mini Med School – 2011

Learn what you can do – and what the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health is discovering – to ensure better health for everybody by attending this series of Mini Med School events.

Michael M. T. Henderson- Most Enjoyable Years

Three of the most enjoyable years of my life were 1969-72, when I was housed on the 11th floor of Van Hise. I had no idea that school could be so much fun.

Nursing School in State Budget

The State Building Commission Wednesday, March 16, approved plans to construct a new $52.2 million building for the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing. The project, the top campus building priority, was added to the governor’s proposed capital budget for 2011-2013.

First Wave Performers Electrify Broadway Stage

Four standout student performers from the groundbreaking First Wave Spoken Word and Urban Arts Learning Community at the University of Wisconsin-Madison took hip hop to court on Thursday, February 24, at the New Amsterdam Theatre on New York’s Broadway.

Science on a Shoestring

A modest amount of money, pooled from several sources, had a group of educators and scientists seeing stars so they could inspire young people to do the same.

Are Tax Consequences Still a Consideration in Estate Planning?

Even with changing federal estate taxes, there are state inheritance- and estate-tax issues to deal with, as well as income- and capital-gain tax consequences attached to the distribution of certain types of property. Read on to learn the details.

Great People Scholarships will be Big Part of University’s Financial Equation

Great People Scholarships are the private component that will ensure a UW-Madison education is accessible to students from all financial situations.

Nursing Building Unveiled

School of Nursing faculty and staff had their first look February 25 at schematic designs for the School’s new building, which features a two-story atrium, 300-seat auditorium; wired, interactive classrooms, and simulation labs.

John Chaston- Learning In and Out of the Lab

It was a fantastic opportunity for me to become familiar with the work that these people are doing and to meet some of them. Again, the travel award was my sole supporter for all three meetings, and I am very grateful for the generosity of the donors who provided this learning experience for me.

Spring Game Supports Nursing

Buy a football ticket. Support nursing. That’s the winning strategy for the Badger football team’s spring game. The $5 ticket price for the April 23 game at Camp Randall Stadium will benefit the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing’s new learning center.

Bascom Hill Society Hears From Faculty Expert on U.S. Civil Rights

One of the most valued benefits for Bascom Hill Society members is the opportunity to hear outstanding faculty presentations at our BHS events, and Tuesday’s Luncheon was no exception.

The cultural story: “Clothing and Culture in South Asia”

For the first time in recent memory, pieces from the famed Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection are featured in an exhibition outside the state of Wisconsin. A special exhibit and gallery talk will be held Friday, March 4, 2011, at the Koehnline Museum of Art at the Oakton Community College in Des Plaines, Illinois.

US Bank Backs Great People Scholarship

Before the men’s basketball team played Purdue on snowy February 1, Scott Lockard, Madison Market President for U.S. Bank, presented a check to Chancellor Martin for touchdowns scored at Camp Randall Stadium during the 2010 Badger football season.

Repeat Winner in College of Engineering Innovation Days Competition

Arterial disease treatment system earns mechanical engineering senior $10,000 Innovation Days top prize. Alumni make more than $28,000 in prizes available for concept, prototype and presentation.

Teacher Made Final Gifts from the Heart

UW-Madison alumna Martha Pavcek taught grade school in the Milwaukee area. She made one gift of $50 to her alma mater while she was alive. After her death in 2009, Pavcek’s estate made a gift of more than $2.7 million to be divided evenly between support for stem cell research and veterinary medical students.

48 hours in Florida, 3 Faculty Showcases

The UW Foundation engages alumni and friends of the UW-Madison by bringing Bascom Hill Society Faculty Showcase events to cities around the nation.

Dana Vielmetti- Focused on Learning

My greatest learning experience was definitely studying abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I cannot begin to describe the experience in words, but I grew socially, culturally and academically every single day.

Gifts Bring TomoTherapy to Pets

Thanks to private support, the first veterinary application of TomoTherapy is available in the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine’s new Radiation Therapy Clinic. Dogs and cats are benefitting from the treatment that allows veterinarians to pinpoint a tumor before radiation therapy begins.

The New Estate, Gift, and Generation-Skipping Tax Rules

Probably the most dramatic change brought about by the 2010 Tax Act is in the area of transfer taxes: federal estate, gift, and generation-skipping taxes. Learn how these changes could impact your estate gift plans.

Signe Cooper Celebrates 90th Birthday

Friends, colleagues, alumni and Dean Kathryn May joined Signe Skott Cooper for her 90th birthday celebration January 28 at the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing. Cooper, a national nursing Living Legend, earned her degree and later taught in the UW-Madison School of Nursing.

Wisconsin Weekend Away

New UW Foundation President and CEO Mike Knetter to join participants at Wisconsin Weekend Away near San Diego, California, March 25-27. Register by February 14.

First Selig Distinguished Lecture in Sport and Society Draws Capacity Crowd

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig joined a standing-room-only audience for the first Selig Distinguished Lecture in Sport and History. Selig endowed a chair in the history department for the study of professional sport in its larger national and social contexts.

Lecture Fills House at New York Public Library

Professor Charles L. Cohen, director of the Lubar Institute for the Study of the Abrahamic Religions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, lectured on "Jews and Muslims in Christian America" at the Mid-Manhattan Branch of New York Public Library before a standing-room crowd on January 20.

Nursing Meets Basketball

Student-athlete Alyssa Karel is making her mark on the basketball court and in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing, and the Wisconsin State Journal shared her story in its January 19 edition.

UW Marching Band: Pasadena

Missing the Fifth Quarter excitement from this year's big Badger football season? Couldn't make the trip to Pasadena to see the home team in the Rose Bowl? Well now you can look back and see the band perform during the New Year’s Eve parade in Los Angeles.

Luau Funds Researcher

After three years of winter luaus, Lily’s Fund can support a new researcher in epilepsy. This year’s January 15 fundraiser netted $64,000 to bring epilepsy into the spotlight.

Workshop Helps Campus Partners Connect with Donors

Maj Fischer knew that encouraging philanthropy and building relationships with givers are important concepts. She discovered more of the “hows” and “whys” at a University of Wisconsin Foundation stewardship workshop on January 5.

Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Tax Act)

The Tax Act of 2010 extends provisions that were due to expire at the end of 2010 for an additional two years, through 2012. Learn more about the legislation and how it might affect your charitable giving to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As We Approach Year-End 2010—Things to Do and to Consider

Considering making a year-end charitable gift to UW-Madison? Perhaps an IRA withdrawal or a Roth conversion? Our experts offer some points to consider that may reduce your tax impact.

A Tower Worthy of the Field

The UW Marching Band now has a director’s tower worthy of its new practice field. Funded by a small group of band donors and friends, the new structure and its Band Bucky "medallions" stand proudly over the field, completing the facility.

Philanthropy Key to Institutes of Discovery

John and Tashia Morgridge were honored for their gift at the grand opening of the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery.

Change Your Mind

Aaron Heller, the first recipient of the James L. Davis Memorial Graduate Support Fund, studies the neurobiology of depression to develop new therapies. Regina Lapate, the second recipient, explores how emotional awareness might help overcome negative experiences.

Education is a Family Value

Daphne Newman Stassin has felt at home on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison since she was a child. Now through her planned gifts, Stassin’s generosity will cover her beloved campus and impact future teachers, farmers and diplomats.

Beyond Bugs

With the Lillian and Alex Feir Graduate Student Fellowship Fund, Dorothy Feir is making it possible for University of Wisconsin-Madison entomology graduate students to help discover new ways to protect crops and people from insect problems.

Retail: More than Meets the Eye

Kohl’s Department Stores made a major gift that named the Kohl’s Department Stores Center for Retailing Excellence in the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology.

Recruiting the Best

The Department of Economics in the College of Letters & Science is seizing the opportunity to bolster its already impressive national position by combining vigorous support from donors with Chancellor Biddy Martin’s Madison Initiative for Undergraduates.

Conger Sisters’ Gift to School of Nursing

The Conger sisters lived in the Nurses Dormitory, where they built enduring connections to their profession and fellow nurses. In honor of this special place, Katinka and Sarah have made gifts to the new Nursing Sciences Center.

Monsanto Fellows Work to Improve Crops

PhD students, pursuing their degrees in plant and animal breeding, are discovering new ways to feed a hungry world and produce sustainable energy. Monsanto, a leader in seed production, established a $1 million fund to encourage new professionals in plant breeding.

‘Cooking up’ a competitive future

At the 2009 Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja Wisconsin competition, in Burlington, Wisconsin, university vehicle team members raised $10,000 by running a food stand and serving more than 1,200 attendees. The money has launched an endowment that, with additional alumni support, will preserve the five teams for future generations of students.

Bishop Family Supports Rural Medicine

Erin Kimball (’03 BS ALS, ‘07 MD) grew up in City Point, a township of 250 in central Wisconsin where her family has lived for four generations. As a fourth year medical student in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, she chose a longitudinal rural track and spent five months at the Krohn Clinic in Black River Falls, population 3,800.

3M Will Help Bring National Science Olympiad to Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison will host the next National Science Olympiad on May 18-21, 2011, when an estimated 7,000-plus middle school and high school students, parents, educators and volunteers arrive on campus. A $25,000 sponsorship grant from the 3M Foundation will help meet the costs of the 2011 Olympiad.

Alexandra Miller- Connecting the Dots

Like many first year students, my journey was full of uncertainties and even discomfort as I navigated the large UW campus and all of its offerings. Taking leadership roles within student groups and finding the close-knit geography department helped me create my own "space" within the large UW community.

School of Education Rededicated in Style

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Education celebrated the grand reopening of its revamped Education Building on Bascom Hill with events tied to American Education Week.

Student Actors Engage Society

Professor Norma Saldivar was the featured speaker at the recent Bascom Hill Society showcase luncheon and provided a wonderful glimpse into the Year of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Healing the Brain Through the Tongue

Scientist Kurt Kaczmarek talked about the "Amazing Plastic Brain" to a group gathered for the Lubar Lecture at the Milwaukee Art Museum on Wednesday, November 10.

Perlman Gifts Span Campus

How much difference can one woman make? Katherine "Kato" Perlman, PhD, a distinguished service emerita, senior scientist, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is touching lives on and off campus with her gifts.

Caught Doing Something Wonderful

Charles "Chuck" and Martha Casey take a creative approach to chemistry, academic planning and philanthropy. The Caseys have established several awards and recently made a bequest to ensure continued funding of their projects for at least 20 years.

Baseball Commissioner Selig Endows History Chair at UW-Madison

Allan H. "Bud" Selig often talks about how he views the decisions he makes as the commissioner of Major League Baseball in the light of history. Now he has made a gift to endow the Allan H. Selig Chair in History at the University.

Owners, Aarons Fund Scholarships in Seligs’ Honor

Three Major League Baseball owners and Hall of Famer Hank Aaron’s foundation have created scholarships at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in honor of Commissioner and alumnus Allan H. “Bud” Selig and his wife, Suzanne.

J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc.: Constructing a Legacy on Campus

From those early years working on Bascom Hall in the 20th century through the opening of a remodeled and expanded School of Education building and breaking ground on a new School of Human Ecology building in fall 2010, J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc. has consistently come through for the University.

New President Looks Ahead

When he became president of the University of Wisconsin Foundation on October 16, Michael Knetter was doing what has become natural – pursuing an opportunity he saw as important.

Lessons in Leadership: Learn, Understand, Value

As a professor and chair of the Department of Comparative Biosciences in the School of Veterinary Medicine, Gordon Mitchell sees the benefits of animal research firsthand- including benefits that save human lives.

David J. Mladenoff- Past Support Bears Fruit

The Beers-Bascom Professorship has allowed me to do many things that have expanded where and with whom I can work, making new links with top scientists in the field in Italy. The fund has also allowed me to be a more effective mentor to my graduate students, providing key support to add to their research, their visibility in the field and success in a competitive job market.

CALS Donors, Students Celebrate Scholarships

This year, donors' gifts to the University of Wisconsin helped the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences award more than $1 million in support to about 800 undergraduate, graduate and short-course students. On November 6, about 130 scholarship recipients and donors gathered to share their stories.

MillerCoors Makes Gift of Fermenters

Something is brewing in the Microbial Sciences Building on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. On Friday, November 5, MillerCoors representatives participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for three fermenters installed in the Kikkoman Fermentation Laboratory on the building’s second floor.

Large Deduction Now for Property You Get Back

The current historically low interest-rate environment creates a unique opportunity to maximize your income-tax benefits from a not-often-used split-interest planned-gift arrangement called the grantor lead annuity trust, or GLAT.

Honors Program Marks 50th Anniversary

The Honors Program in the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Letters & Science is celebrating its 50th anniversary, and is welcoming back to campus some of the people who petitioned to make the program possible.

Saman Dancers Perform at the 2010 Bascom Hill Society Fall Event

Keeping with the global theme of the Bascom Hill Society’s 2010 Fall Event, Saman Dancers from University of Wisconsin-Madison perform a beautiful dance routine.

Accepting the Bascom Hill Society Scholarship

Lauren "Nikki" Schmidt, the 2010 recipient of the Bascom Hill Society Scholarship accepts her award at the Society’s 2010 Fall Event.

A Dream Takes Shape

A dream inspired by the Dalai Lama and nurtured by philanthropist Ulco Visser found its home Monday night when Professor Richard Davidson invited guests into the Center for Healthy Minds in the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

It Starts With You

Research at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health gave Doug Bartow’s physicians the tools they needed to diagnose a potentially life-threatening, genetic heart condition.

Wilcox Accompanies Chancellor to China

Sandy Wilcox, president emeritus of the University of Wisconsin Foundation, is part of a faculty and staff delegation joining UW-Madison Chancellor Biddy Martin on a visit to Greater China, with stops in Beijing, Hong Kong and Taipei.

Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture Will Have Trove of Recordings

At the center of the new Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture will be an astounding collection of 78-rpm discs of historic recordings. The institute will spotlight Sherry Mayrent's entire collection of more than 6,000 78-rpm discs, which she is donating to the University's Mills Music Library.

Broadway Welcomes Wisconsin Union and Great People

When the curtain rose on a preview performance of “Lombardi” at Broadway’s Circle in the Square Theatre on Friday, October 15, the audience included more than sixty University of Wisconsin-Madison alumni and friends who had just enjoyed personal insight into Vince Lombardi, the man and “Lombardi,” the play.

Gift Makes Chazen Museum of Art a Major Study Center

A prominent New York City attorney and his wife have bequeathed a major private collection of 20th century sculpture to the Chazen Museum of Art. The collection from the estate of the late Terese and Alvin S. Lane includes work from artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Noguchi, David Smith and Christo.

Mike Knetter Takes the Helm

It's official. Mike Knetter has become the third president of the University of Wisconsin Foundation. He follows in the footsteps of Robert Rennebohm ('48 CALS) and Andrew A. "Sandy" Wilcox.

Shalala Visit Supports Nursing Campaign

[Updated] Nurses need more training and more independence, according to Donna Shalala, former chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Shalala is the keynote speaker at today’s School of Nursing’s 11th annual Littlefield Leadership Lecture in the Wisconsin Union Theater.

Henry Luce Foundation Continues Support for Computer Sciences

The University of Wisconsin Foundation recently received the third of five installments of $120,000 each from the Henry Luce Foundation to continue its support for the Clare Boothe Luce Professorship in Computer Sciences at UW-Madison. The goal of the Clare Boothe Luce Program is “to encourage women to enter, study, graduate and teach” in disciplines in which they have been historically underrepresented and to increase the number of women in those fields.

International Learning Community at UW-Madison

Thousands of UW-Madison students study abroad. But hundreds more immerse themselves in global cultures right on campus through the International Learning Community (ILC). In Adams Hall, residents concentrate on languages as diverse as Arabic, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish while they learn to "Live Locally, Think Globally."

Perspectives- Nancy Francisco-Welke

As a development director for the School of Medicine and Public Health, Nancy Francisco-Welke helped raise funds to build the American Family Children’s Hospital. She talks about how the state-of-the-art facility has made the scary experience of going to the hospital a little more comfortable for young patients and their families and how in her job, the people make the difference.

Miriam Kopelow- A Journey to Campus

I hope to make a difference. I hope to host a classroom where kids feel empowered and excited. I have yet to figure out where, but it will be somewhere full of energy and laughter.

Alumna Puts Gift Annuity to Work

Marian Lorenz had a couple of good reasons to establish a charitable gift annuity with the University of Wisconsin Foundation. In her time on campus, Lorenz acquired a core of values that has never left her.

Qualified Employer Securities in Retirement Plans

Last month we discussed the unfavorable tax treatment afforded distributions from employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs: ordinary-income tax on distributions during the life of the owner and surviving beneficiaries and estate tax, if applicable, at death.

Catherine Kuzmicki- An Incredible View

I am inspired by my peers. Everyone at Madison is extremely goal-oriented. It's hard not to motivate yourself when you see everyone else around you doing it.

Douglas Wubben- Changing Paths

I am inspired by all of the nurses I have met through classes and clinical experiences because they embody what I hope to become: a knowledgeable, capable, steady, caring advocate that helps people in need through the medical system in a healing way.

Michael Poeschel- A Great Pursuit

I am just a small town kid who is taking advantage of my opportunity at UW-Madison. I am living life to the fullest and pursuing a nursing career with great enthusiasm.

Perspectives- Jennifer McFarland

Jennifer McFarland, senior development director, visits the Art Lofts, where students and faculty members create with energy and passion. In a visit to Dale Chihuly’s Mendota Wall, she talks about how students, faculty and alumni create and give back. Connecting UW-Madison’s friends and alumni with they love and support on campus is an art in itself.

Perspectives- David Golden

Investment Analyst David Golden earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the UW-Madison, he met his wife at the University, and his family enjoys much of what campus has to offer. He talks about how the endowment funds that the Foundation manages benefit the University in the long term.

Perspectives- Meng Xie

Meng Xie came to the UW-Madison campus from China as a graduate student with “nothing but a dream.” The application developer talks about how ballroom dancing connected her with the campus community and how her work on applications at the UW Foundation helps others give back.

Campus Welcomes Chinese Champions

Eleven Chinese champion student-athletes, including four Olympic medalists, are spending six months living and studying at the UW-Madsion as part of a groundbreaking partnership with Beijing University of Sport, the foremost sports, physical education and exercise science institution in China.

Distribution of Employer Securities from a Qualified Retirement Plan

To avoid immediate taxation upon retirement or separation from service, many employees elect to roll over their benefits to an IRA. There are several advantages to doing so.

An Inspiring Life

Chueh Ying Shih made a perilous journey to freedom and eventually earned a PhD. She valued higher education as the key to a better life, and she encouraged her children to earn their own professional degrees.

Possible Alzheimer’s Predictor Found

Two new studies involving a newly identified gene show that Alzheimer’s disease could be diagnosed as much as 20 years before symptoms develop.

Letters & Science Honors: 50 Years of Raising the Bar

The Honors Program in the College of Letters & Science was created in April 1960 and it was launched in the fall semester of 1960. Fifty years later, the program is thriving, and its students are leaders on campus and in the community.

Letters & Science Honors: The Power of Giving

Private support has meant so much to the Honors Program and its students over the years. The L&S Honor program wouldn’t be what it is, and the students would not have as rich an experience, without that philanthropy.

Letters & Science Honors: Increased Opportunities

The Letters & Science Honors Program has many tales of high student achievement. Daniel Lecoanet could be its poster child.

“Health by Motorbike” Africa-Bound

Araceli Alonso, Gender and Women’s Studies lecturer and faculty associate, College of Letters & Science, is spending the summer traveling around rural Kenya as part of her “Health by Motorbike” initiative.

Regents Approve Tuition Increase

The 18-member University of Wisconsin Board of Regents approved a 5.5 percent tuition increase for the 13 four-year universities in the University of Wisconsin System and a tuition freeze for the two-year colleges.

SMPH in “Social Mission” Top 20

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) placed in the top 20 medical schools for fulfilling its social mission.

The Growing Influence of Women’s Philanthropy

Sally Hands' significant estate gift to the English Department demonstrates the growing influence of women’s philanthropy.

Maximize Your Life Income

At the recent 29th Conference on Gift Annuities in New Orleans, the American Council on Gift Annuities (ACGA) announced new suggested maximum gift rates to take effect July 1, 2010. The new rates reflect a small adjustment upward in most rates since the last set of suggested rates became effective in 2009. This is the... Read more »

A Family on Ice

Mark Burish (’78 JD LAW) remembers the day his wife, Helen (’79 BS EDU, ’95 MA EDU), called him to say that a neighbor had encouraged her to take their two young children down to the rink and try skating for the first time. They would wear helmets and push chairs around the ice. The... Read more »

Congratulations Class of 2010

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Class of 2010 celebrated commencement in five Kohl Center ceremonies May 14, 15 and 16. Speakers this year included U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Youth Speaks founder James Kass.

Chancellor Optimistic After China Trip

Chancellor Biddy Martin and a UW-Madison delegation returned from a 13-day trip to China. The delegation met with Chinese education officials and alumni and visited numerous universities.

Gift of Bonds Counteracts Inevitability of Rising Interest Rates

A gift of an appreciated bond to support our work will avoid capital-gain taxation on your profit and provide you with a charitable income-tax deduction for its full fair-market value.

Wilcox Wins CASE Award

Andrew A. “Sandy” Wilcox, president of the University of Wisconsin Foundation, is one of two widely respected professionals who have made valuable contributions to the educational foundation field who are this year's recipients of the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) Commonfund Institutionally Related Foundation awards.

Cancer Center Researchers Honored

Two researchers at the UW Carbone Cancer Center were named 2010 Young Investigators by the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Joshua Lang and Justine Bruce were awarded three-year grants to continue their research projects on prostate cancer treatments.

April 15, 2010: How Did You Do?

It's that dreaded time of the year again, April 15, the day of reckoning with the IRS. It is also a propitious time to assess how effective you were in planning your tax strategy for the previous year.

Caseys Share with Colleagues, Students and Community

They might be retired officially, but Martha and Charles “Chuck” Casey haven’t stopped working on behalf of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Artist Brings His Work Home

As a student, Robert Burkert (’52 BS, ’55 MA EDU) embraced the Wisconsin experience. Today, the UW-Madison is the beneficiary of this renowned artist’s talent and generosity.

Money, Behavior and Safety

The Center for Financial Security at University of Wisconsin-Madison is focused on understanding when people need specific consumer information and what makes them most likely to act upon it.

Great Partnerships

When Rick Bachhuber, Jr. learned of the Great People Scholarship Campaign effort in 2008, he established the Richard Allan Bachhuber Great People Scholarship to honor his late father and provide need-based financial aid for qualified students.

Change Your Mind. Change the World.

At the Center for Healthy Minds at UW-Madison's Waisman Center, neuroscience pioneer Richard Davidson and his colleagues believe healthy qualities can help children and adults learn to be happier.

Healing the Brain Through the Tongue

First, there was the voice, a full, rich bass, the kind of voice that makes audiences swoon within a few measures and can fill a 3,000-seat theater with no microphone. Robert Goulet grew famous with that kind of voice, but Goulet never lost his magnificent sound. Broadway singer Ron Husmann – his star traveling with... Read more »

Repeal of the Federal Estate Tax for 2010

The failure of Congress to either extend the then-existing federal estate tax provisions has created unintended consequences for those who may be subject to the federal estate tax.

From the Baltics to Bascom- a Journey, a Dream, a Legacy

In 1967, the children of Max Shapiro as well as other family members recognized his pursuit of knowledge by endowing the Shapiro Memorial Scholarship in the Law School to help law students with financial need.

Federal Estate Tax—Where Art Thou?

Congress left Washington in December without extending the federal (FET). Result There is no FET in 2010, at least perhaps not until Congress tackles this politically charged hot potato this year. And the talk is that when they do, they will make the law retroactive to January 1 to capture taxes from all those who... Read more »

To Convert to a Roth IRA or Not?

Whether to convert to a Roth IRA or not is a very important financial and estate planning question worthy of serious consideration by anyone who has a qualified retirement plan or IRA.

Legacy Empowers Women in Economics

When her husband died, Margery Amundsen discovered his insurance money could be put to use immediately with a scholarship in the Department of Economics in the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

James Patterson’s Badger Spirit Inspires Nursing Gift

Pattersons make a deep commitment to the University of Wisconsin-Madison with gifts to establish scholarships in Education, Nursing and Athletics.

Using Tangible Personal Property to Fund a Charitable Remainder Trust

Gifts of tangible personal property—collectibles such as works of art, coin collections, and antique automobiles—are subject to special rules that often limit the deduction a donor may take.

“Backstopping” Your Gift Through an Estate Provision — Part Two

Expressing charitable intent through an estate provision, then making lifetime gifts to bring your ultimate gift to fruition is a way to make a gift you may not have thought possible.

Current Status of Potential Estate and Gift-Tax Changes

If Congress does not change the law by the end of 2009, federal transfer taxes will disappear for the year 2010—and anyone dying next year with any kind of an estate, even one valued in the billions of dollars, will not have to pay a penny in transfer taxes.

Energizing a Dormant Asset: The Deferred Variable Commercial Annuity Contract

If you purchased a deferred variable commercial annuity contract some time ago, it is likely that despite the downturn in the market the contract is more valuable than what you paid for it.

“Backstopping” Your Gift Through an Estate Provision — Part One

Philanthropic intent does not wane in uncertain economic times. We find that our friends who believe in our work and want to support it are as committed to our future as ever.

Lock In Gain on Your Bonds with a Gift Annuity Before Interest Rates Rise

When most people consider securities, stocks come to mind. Stocks represent an equity position in the issuing corporation—whether large or small. However, bonds that are debt instruments are not as familiar as stocks, even though they trade as actively as stocks and fluctuate in value on a daily basis.

Your Home Can Provide Versatile Gift Options

The currently prevailing historically low interest rates directly affect the discount rate the IRS uses to value so-called split-interest charitable gifts (e.g., charitable remainder trusts and gift annuities).

The Power of an Endowment

“Doc Sobey,” as Dr. Sobey Okuyama was called, never married and had no children but he thought about future generations and wanted his money to go where it would do the most good. His wishes have been fulfilled, perhaps beyond his imagination.

Benefit the University and Preserve Assets with a Charitable Lead Trust

With a charitable lead trust, you put assets into a trust that makes payments to a charity for a period of time, after which the assets in the trust are returned to either you or to your beneficiaries.