Whom Would You Honor?

Ted Cohen honored three of his favorite academic areas with gifts to English, geosciences and physics. The School of Education has created a program that makes it easy for you to recognize teachers and academic mentors.

The Honor Your Teacher Campaign offers the opportunity to make a gift in honor of the educator who has made a profound impact on your life. This could be a professor, a teacher, counselor or principal from elementary or secondary school, a professional mentor, a family member, friend, or anyone who exemplifies the role of teacher.

The campaign was developed as renovation and remodeling of the School was nearing completion. Moments of reflection on the rich past and dreams of future possibilities mingled to create a feeling of deep gratitude for those who led us to this point in history.

Gifts to the Honor Your Teacher Campaign will support the Fund for Excellence, giving the dean the flexibility to seize opportunities and respond to challenges as they arise. This fund makes possible new lines of research, support for promising faculty and staff, assistance for students in crisis and new opportunities. Through the Honor Your Teacher Campaign, you can make these things possible and provide recognition for the educator who has meant so much to you.

Legacy of Professor Joseph Dillinger Endures

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