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Agronomy graduate student Camilla Vargas

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The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) carries out UW-Madison’s mission as a land-grant public university through excellence in teaching, research and public outreach across 19 academic fields, ranging from production agriculture to natural resources to social sciences to fundamental life sciences. By encouraging collaboration and innovation among these fields, the college helps address problems and create opportunities that affect our food, our environment, our health and our energy future.

At its core, the college fosters communities of expertise – among researchers, faculty and students in cooperation with business, industry and government. It has a rich history of finding practical answers to everyday challenges such as breeding hybrid crops, revitalizing the state’s agricultural markets, and identifying vitamins essential to human health.

Private support helps CALS build on its 125-year tradition to ensure a future of excellence, innovation, accountability and practicality. Working with the CALS development team, the College has identified five funding priorities as it tackles 21st century problems.

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