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Expectations for education and schools of education have never been higher. At the same time, public funding for education continues to ebb. This confluence of increased expectation and decreased support provides alumni and friends of the UW-Madison School of Education with an opportunity to have a strong, direct impact on the future of education through their private financial support.

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Support the University of Wisconsin to help continue the tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

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Giving to the School allows you to play an active role in an institution currently ranked in the top 10 nationally. It offers you an opportunity to have a direct impact on the quality and future of education at the university and in schools across Wisconsin and the nation. And while you’ll be helping to prepare the next generation of teachers, you’ll also be helping to prepare the next generation of artists, counselors, health professionals, researchers, and administrators.

Simply, your support of the School of Education will ensure that it remains a national leader. We urge you to make a gift today. There are a wide range of opportunities for you to assist in the future success of the School. Below are just a few options for you to consider.

  • The School of Education Annual Fund
  • Scholarships
  • Capital Projects

Legacy Gifts

By including the School of Education in their long-term gift planning, alumni and friends can leave a lasting legacy of support for the School. Gift planning integrates charitable gifts into overall financial, tax and estate planning to maximize benefits both to the donor and to the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Giving Areas within the School of Education

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  • Give to Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education Department Fund
  • Give to Dance Department Fund
  • Give to Department of Art Fund
  • Give to Department of Curriculum and Instruction Fund
  • Give to Department of Educational Psychology Fund
  • Give to Department of Kinesiology Fund
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