Wisconsin School of Business

Wisconsin School of Business

Imagine businesses and public research universities joining forces to address complex challenges. Through innovative partnerships and inspired learning experiences, the Wisconsin School of Business fosters a passionate community of scholars, leaders, and learners who, together, are a force to solve problems, drive economic growth, and improve lives.

Wisconsin School of Business Priorities

Innovative Partnerships

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We build innovative partnerships that generate creative and impactful solutions by overcoming traditional academic and professional silos. We will:

  • Advance research, learning, and outcomes across three themes: Health Care Leadership, Building and Growing Enterprises, and Navigating Uncertainty.
  • Increase the impact of our Knowledge Centers by enhancing their connections to business leaders and expanding the reach of their programs.
  • Leverage research expertise in education to test and refine our approaches to learning and inform the transformation of higher education.

Inspired Learning

We aim to lead higher education away from its traditional focus on delivering teaching toward a more student-centered focus on inspiring learning. To succeed, we must:

  • Scale the best of our learning experiences to touch every one of our students and expand the reach of our programs on campus and beyond.
  • Redefine business curricula in partnership with our alumni and the business community to set more of our students on the path to leadership.
  • Create new spaces that will support our shift from delivering teaching in lecture halls to inspiring learning in collaborative and technology-enhanced environments.

Passionate Community

We foster a passionate and diverse community of scholars, leaders, and learners to address business challenges, inspire leadership, and improve lives. To enrich this community, it is essential that we:

  • Form partnerships with high schools and expand financial aid and merit scholarships to attract the top students to our programs and graduate diverse and passionate alumni.
  • Retain outstanding faculty who live our brand and our vision.
  • Engage accomplished business leaders to guide our research and inform our learning experiences.