Middleton Society

The Middleton Society, the philanthropic society of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, honors alumni, faculty and friends who support hope and encourage the scientists, clinicians, teachers and students who translate hope into action. The Society was founded in 1989 by the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association and reflects a broad range of support for the School.

How we make a difference:

Private support is the key to the School’s sustained excellence. Members of the Middleton Society

  • help researchers tackle the world’s most serious diseases,
  • support promising medical students,
  • fund preliminary research that will lead to treatment breakthroughs,
  • help supply state of the art equipment for our scientists,
  • allow the SMPH to attract and retain the very top faculty and staff, and
  • help elevate the health in every community in our state.

Why we give:

Middleton Society members support the School and its work for many reasons.

  • To remember a beloved family member, a respected professor or a trusted physician
  • To say thank you to the School of Medicine and Public Health for a career-making education
  • To recognize extraordinary medical care from UW physicians
  • To support healthy lives and healthy communities

Giving levels:

The Society is organized into seven giving levels:

  • Middleton Fellow (legacy level-no longer open to new members)
  • Bardeen Fellow
  • McPherson Fellow
  • Bamforth Fellow
  • Temin Fellow
  • Farrell Fellow
  • Schilling Fellow

Members receive special recognition and benefits from the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Join the Middleton Society

Membership in the Middleton Society begins at $25,000 in cumulative household giving to any area in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, entered via a one-time gift, a signed pledge or documented estate gift. If you are interested in joining the Middleton Society and would like to discuss your gift and how you would like to direct it, please contact Jill Watson.