The Raimey-Noland Campaign

Honor the Past. Empower the Future.

Support a More Welcoming Campus

The Raimey-Noland Campaign promotes giving to diversity and inclusion efforts within every UW–Madison unit. The campaign also features the Raimey-Noland Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Fund. Directed by UW–Madison’s chancellor, the Raimey-Noland Fund supports campuswide efforts to make the university community more welcoming, in addition to school- or college-specific efforts.

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Badgers open doors for others to walk through.

This is the principle that underlies the Raimey-Noland Campaign: the UW is a community of alumni, faculty, students, and staff who are mutually supportive, providing a sense of belonging for all and helping each other break through barriers.

The campaign honors two of the UW’s first identified Black graduates: Mabel Watson Raimey 1918 and William Smith Noland 1875. Noland was a member of the first Black family to settle in Madison. Raimey, who grew up in Milwaukee, became the first Black woman to practice law in Wisconsin. Raimey and Noland opened doors for Badgers of all backgrounds, who in turn were pioneers in their fields:

You Belong Here.
Diversity, says Vice Chancellor LaVar Charleston MS’07, PhD’10, is a source of strength. It encourages all Badgers to be their genuine selves, helping the UW get the best out of those who come here. With the Raimey-Noland Campaign, UW–Madison is working to ensure that every student with potential feels at home on campus. Join us in opening doors for future Badgers.

Campaign Goals

Launched in March 2021, the Raimey-Noland Campaign aims to increase funding for programs and research that will promote diversity and equity at every level and within every program at UW–Madison. The campaign’s goals are:

  • to leverage scholarships, such as the Mercile J. Lee Chancellor’s Scholarship Fund, that increase the diversity of the student body and narrow the gap in graduation rates for students from underrepresented populations
  • to assist programs, such as the Faculty Diversity Initiative, that recruit and retain a more diverse group of professors and instructors
  • to uplift programs that promote an inclusive campus community, such as the Raimey-Noland Fund for diversity, inclusion, and belonging
  • to invest in research that addresses issues of social and racial justice

Join us in creating a campus community that is welcoming to all talented minds. Help open doors at UW–Madison so that the university can attract the bold leaders who will extend the legacy of Raimey and Noland. The UW is grateful for gifts of all sizes, including deferred gifts. For more information, email Josh Woolfolk.