UW Police Department

UW Police Department K-9

The UW–Madison Police Department (UWPD), under the leadership of Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief of Police Kristen Roman, is a full-service law enforcement agency serving the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

UW Police Department badgeUWPD prides itself on its community policing philosophy. They are leaders in innovative problem-oriented policing. They value diversity and respect the dignity of all people. They uphold individual and constitutional rights and promote campus community wellbeing through collaborative approaches to ensuring safety.

Serving in partnership to support and facilitate the educational mission of UW-Madison, UWPD seeks to cultivate a campus environment where students, faculty, and staff are safe.

As guardians on the UW-Madison campus, UWPD holds itself to high expectations — operating in a fair, unbiased manner which respects the rights and dignity of all individuals. They strive to always be better and do better.

UWPD lives and breathes its mission of Reaching HIGHER. It’s not just a phrase about moving forward and reaching for greatness — it’s the way UWPD polices and protects our community.

We invite you to consider a gift to support the greatest needs of the UW-Madison Police Department via the Reaching HIGHER Fund.

Additionally, gifts are especially helpful for two of the department’s major endeavors:

  • K-9 Fund
  • Mounted Patrol Fund