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You come to the University of Wisconsin Hospital from all walks of life, from across Wisconsin and its bordering states. You are grandparents and parents, teen-agers and toddlers. You come to us for caring and for cutting-edge treatment. Because the hospital is affiliated with the UW-Madison, our caregivers have access to the newest discoveries to continually improve your medical experience.

  • You and your stories inspire us.
  • We are also fortunate that many patients and families, inspired by their experience, want to see even better care for future patients.

Gifts help fund preliminary research that, typically, does not receive federal funding. But this research provides the first crucial steps toward the ah-ha moments that lead to new treatments and better quality of life for patients.

These gifts also provide flexibility to improve the hospital experience for patients and families.

How you can make a difference:

There are many ways to be part of discovering new treatments for seemingly incurable diseases and improving hospital stays for patients and their families. They include immediate gifts, such as cash and securities, and planned gifts, such as bequests, trusts and life income agreements.

Together, we will improve care for everyone in Wisconsin and beyond.

It starts with you.

Private funding & research working together

Bartow familyFor Doug Bartow, a father and grandfather, research gave our physicians the tools to identify a potentially life-threatening genetic heart-condition – and take steps to ensure the safety of his children and grandchildren. Dr. Lee Eckhardt runs a clinic for the inherited disease, where family’s futures are changed. She looks to private funding to reach and follow affected families. Continue reading »