Emergency Student Support Fund

Emergency Student Support.

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Support the efforts of the University of Wisconsin–Madison Emergency Student Support Fund to help students facing challenges and expenses due to unforeseen events.

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The Emergency Student Support Fund was created to protect the health and safety of students and families struggling during difficult times. This fund is designed to help alleviate, for example:

  • Unanticipated travel costs to home
  • Food insecurity concerns
  • Limited opportunities to work and earn funds for daily living, and decreased funding available for basic resources
  • Students who have families, and food needs for children
  • Housing and unanticipated moving expenses

Your support provides needed relief to those who are financially vulnerable as the Emergency Student Support Fund helps them navigate these situations.

Responses from students who have benefited from this fund

You just literally solved all of my worries in less than a day, and I cannot thank you enough. I am eternally grateful for your kindness and commitment to helping students in need.
I am speechless right now, I cannot express how much this will help me over the next three weeks. I was so worried about how I was going to get by, but this is truly a godsend. Thank you so much!