Center for Patient Partnerships

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The Center for Patient Partnerships helps patients with life threatening or serious chronic illness make informed decisions and get the health care they need and deserve. It provides information and services that are intended to empower the patient. The Center is an advocate for patient choices and preferences with health care providers, insurers, and other parties.

The Center offers an innovative, unprecedented model to educate professionals serving health care consumers who face serious illness. The Center also offers a wealth of information to educate families as they traverse tightropes of access to health care, financial risk, medical decision-making, and employment.

Making a Difference

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Your partnership is vital to the future of the Center for Patient Partnerships. Your investment will yield benefits not only to today’s patients and students but to tomorrow’s health-care consumers.

With your help, the Center can:

  • continue to annually help hundreds of patients from across the country
  • reach out to retired and elderly populations
  • invest in research and development for advocacy and education programs that will allow our program to help thousands of patients
  • support emerging leaders in patient-centered health care
  • train students in multidisciplinary teams