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The International Division leads efforts across the UW–Madison campus to cultivate international scholarship and engagement, promote global awareness, and prepare students in all majors for a diverse and interconnected world.

Opportunities to support the university’s international efforts:

Global Wisconsin Idea Fund

Ensuring that UW–Madison remains at the forefront of global engagement and education in today’s fast-paced global environment is essential to the university’s worldwide impact and stature. The Global Wisconsin Idea Fund enables the university to respond in a timely manner to pursue dynamic opportunities that are designed to expand and enhance the capacity for international teaching, research, and outreach. Make a Gift »

Study Abroad Scholarships

Each year, more than 2,000 UW–Madison students from a wide range of disciplines across campus participate in an array of international experiences – from study abroad and internships to field study and service-learning. These experiences have tremendous academic, professional, and personal benefits, particularly fostering the development of global citizenship. The International Division is committed to breaking down financial barriers to make such experiences accessible to more students by offering scholarships – especially for students from underrepresented groups, such as first-time abroad, first-generation college students and STEM majors. Make a Gift »

International Internship Grants

More than ever, students graduating from UW–Madison and entering the workplace need the skills, knowledge, and cultural aptitudes necessary to thrive in today’s global marketplace, whether they pursue careers in another country or in Wisconsin.  Expanding funding support and keeping program costs affordable are vital to making international internships, especially unpaid internships, accessible to more students. Grants that help cover the costs of travel and overseas accommodations enable more students to take advantage of these opportunities, which foster the development of global competencies. Make a Gift »