Institute on Aging

The mission of the Institute on Aging of the University of Wisconsin-Madison is to promote, through excellence in multidisciplinary research, education, and practice, the health and well-being of the rapidly-expanding aging population in our local community, state, and society at large.

You can support the Institute on Aging through the following gift opportunities:

Education and Training Programs

Donate to the Institute on Aging

Your support will help continue the tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

Make a Gift
  • Fellowship in Aging Studies- $125,000/$250,000
    (qualifies for supplement from Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation)
  • Summer Scholarships in Aging Studies- $3,500-$5,000
  • Travel Grants for Students to Attend Professional Meetings- $1,000-$2,000
  • Curriculum in Aging Development Grants- $15,000-$20,000
    (funds to develop new courses in aging)

Research Program

  • Endowed Chair in Aging Studies- $2 million
  • Professorships in Aging Studies- $1 million
  • Multidisciplinary Pilot Research Projects- $35,000-$50,000
    (to launch new studies for which federal grants would be sought)

Outreach Program

  • “Advances in Aging” Website Development- $50,000-$75,000
    (support to bring research and clinical advances from IOA faculty to public)
  • Public Awareness Colloquia- $25,000 – $35,000
    (statewide presentations to disseminate scientific findings on aging)