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The University of Wisconsin-Madison is an internationally recognized leader in stem cell research. Since November 6, 1998, when Dr. James Thomson, writing in the journal Science, reported the first isolation and culture of human embryonic stem cells, UW-Madison has remained in the forefront of stem cell research.

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In an effort to build community and to strengthen and sustain its leadership in the companion fields of stem cell research and regenerative medicine, the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007 established the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center (SCRMC).

Operating under the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the center provides a bridge for those involved in stem cell research by combining existing campus programs in regenerative medicine and an interdisciplinary stem cell postdoctoral training program. It serves as the focal point for basic, pre-clinical and clinical research in stem cell biology and regenerative medicine, an emerging multidisciplinary field that is working to develop technologies to repair or replace diseased or defective tissues and organs.

Timothy Kamp, MD, PhD, servews as the SCRMC director and Randolph Ashton, PhD,  serves as as associate director. Under their leadership, the SCRMC continues to provide educational opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students and research collaborations for campus stem cell faculty.