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Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) is a university-based non-profit organization committed to providing year-round, state-wide programs for academically talented youth from the elementary grades through high school. Affordable access to programs and opportunities is a cornerstone of WCATY values. Each year, WCATY serves approximately 2,000 gifted and talented students from across the state and beyond through its two main initiatives: WCATY Academy and WCATY Summer Programs.

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Young Students Summer Program (YSSP) provides Wisconsin’s elementary students with a stimulating intellectual environment in a nurturing academic summer camp setting. Students completing grades 4-6 especially enjoy the novelty of having just one class with motivated classmates in a subject area they love, quickly recognizing they have entered a new world of learning possibilities.

Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP) gives students who are finishing 7th or 8th grade an opportunity to spend two weeks on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus studying one accelerated course. STEP is designed to enrich, intellectually challenge, and inspire. It offers a learning atmosphere that nurtures students’ talents and abilities, enriches social life, and encourages creativity.

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) provides talented high school students with a rigorous academic experience. This three-week accelerated summer camp occurs in a collegiate setting where high school students study one subject in great depth and have access to scholarly resources available on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.

WCATY Academy is a nine-week program that provides advanced coursework for middle school students designed to supplement and enhance a district’s classroom offerings with cross-curricular, gifted-focused content. It uses a highly innovative online curriculum, combined with face-to-face workshops, to enable academically talented students to interact in a gifted learning community.

Project Academy is a four week online mission where students in fifth through eighth grade are project managers in charge of selecting, planning, revising and reflecting upon their plan of work. After four weeks of researching their problem, participating in the class-wide discussion, and crafting a product, students incorporate feedback and prepare their project to be displayed in the school-wide showcase.

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