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Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth (WCATY) a University of Wisconsin–Madison outreach suite of programs, is an inclusive community of academically talented youth supported by educators, UW researchers, and advocates who recognize and cultivate students’ potential. WCATY provides enriched and accelerated learning opportunities that stimulate intellectual, social, and emotional growth. Students experience challenge not only through rigorous coursework, but also through finding meaningful connections, and growing as lifelong learners.

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Residential Summer Programs

Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)

Grades 9-12, 3-Week Residential Summer Program

The Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) engages talented students from across Wisconsin, the nation, and the world at the prestigious University of Wisconsin–Madison. ALP is an intense, three-week summer camp designed to push students to the next academic level while housing them in an intimate learning environment. Students enroll in a single course for an in-depth experience. Students have the opportunity to work with their school to receive high school credit for each course.

Summer Transitional Enrichment Program (STEP)

Grades 7-8, 2-Week Residential Summer Program, UW-Madison campus

STEP gives an opportunity for students who are finishing grades 7 and 8 to spend two weeks on a college campus studying one accelerated course. STEP is designed to engage, intellectually challenge, and inspire. WCATY strives to balance the academic and recreational sides of camp. This program is for those who are ready for an above-grade-level challenge and are serious about having fun in, and outside of, the classroom with their peers.

Young Student Summer Program (YSSP)

Grades 4-6, 1-Week Residential Summer Program, UW-Madison campus

YSSP classes are fast-paced and cover a great amount of material. This program is designed to enrich learning and introduce new disciplines, helping students expand their knowledge about the world and discover how much there truly is to learn. As students adjust to the summer camp atmosphere, they gain personal independence and connect with other bright students on a deeper level.

Commuter Summer Programs

Growing Early Minds (GEM)

Grades 1-4, Commuter Saturday and Summer Program, UW-Madison campus

GEM classes are designed to challenge and engage advanced learners in grades 1 through 4. Students will be exposed to advanced concepts and themes that feed their curious minds. Social and emotional curriculum components focus on fostering autonomy, encouraging development of growth mindset, and developing effective collaboration skills.

Pre-College Academic Campus Experience (PACE)

Grades 5-8, 1-Week Commuter Summer Program, , UW-Madison campus

This program gives students finishing grades 5 through 8 an opportunity to explore their current interests and passions with like-minded peers in a college setting. Students will spend one week taking an enrichment course designed specifically for advanced middle school learners on the UW–Madison campus. Not only will students explore their area of study, they will also have the opportunity to spark their curiosity with on-campus field trips during the week.

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