Donald Radcliffe- Scholarships Lead to Growth, Service

Donald Radcliffe

Donald Radcliffe has been riding across the country raising awareness and funds for affordable housing.

I am a junior majoring in both Forest Science and Life Sciences Communication. I plan on using my degrees to go to graduate school for Scientific Journalism, specializing on prominent conservation issues.

My scholarships have helped me to pursue experiences that are rich in value to my growth as a person, scientist and communicator but don’t help me financially. For example, I am spending this summer biking across the country with a nonprofit group that raises awareness and money for affordable housing causes. So far, the trip has been incredible, expanding my horizons geographically, anthropologically and emotionally. This is not to mention how much I’ve learned about biking and construction.

In the fall, I plan on assisting in field research for the UW Forest Science Department. This kind of work will be necessary for me to succeed in my chosen career path. In the spring, I plan on studying abroad in New Zealand, at a school with a prominent background in conservation.

A big part of the reason I am able to pursue these incredible experiences is that I have had financial assistance in the form of scholarships.