Sarah Ruplinger- I am so Grateful

Sarah Ruplinger

Caleb and I. Caleb is a three year old Filipino boy with cerebral palsy, who I spent a month with last year. He is my inspiration as I begin my graduate studies.

I am about to begin my first year of graduate study in the occupational therapy program. After spending a year abroad, I chose to take an additional gap year before applying for the program in order to work full-time and try to save as much money as I could for school. Even though I was able to save most of what I have earned in the past year, it will not be enough to pay tuition in full.

After graduation, I plan to return overseas to apply what I have learned and educate others about how to care for people with disabilities. This passion of mine cannot be realized until I have paid back all my student loans. The Lucile Schreiber and Wendel A. Witkay Scholarship of $1,000 is greatly appreciated because it decreases my need for student loans. It has been an honor and a blessing to receive this scholarship award. This scholarship is helping to make my dream come true! I am so grateful!