A Higher Return on Investment


At a time when most students were worried about getting everything done for graduation, Zach Roberts had an incredible opportunity at LinkedIn in San Francisco. A first-generation college student, and the son of Liberian immigrants, Roberts credits his success with the programs and preparation he found at the Wisconsin School of Business, as well as the scholarship opportunities afforded to him here.

We are dedicated to providing a world-class business education by creating a learning environment that responds to the needs of a multicultural society, preparing students for good citizenship in a global economy, and promoting socially responsible and ethical behavior. By providing merit-based scholarships, we can recruit the best and the brightest students from different backgrounds and experiences.

Together, we will support talented and promising students and graduate the next generation of innovative, accomplished leaders and professionals. Our alumni run major companies, launching successful start-ups, and pursue many paths in between. The knowledge, experience, and network the Wisconsin School of Business can offer is invaluable. Your gift will help us maintain our tradition of assisting students who show financial need and academic merit.