Taylor Holterman- A Love for Learning

Taylor Holterman

Taylor Holterman, Junior studying Life Sciences Communication with a certificate in Entrepreneurship

Attending college was always something I knew I would do. I have such a love for learning and a strong motivation to do my best in classes and extracurricular activities. Coming to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and specifically the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences has opened my eyes to the opportunities that this motivation can take me to, as well as surrounding me with a supportive community of peers, advisors, professors and industry contacts.

By receiving the Wisconsin Agricultural and Life Sciences Alumni Association’s “Outstanding Sophomore Award,” I’m further supported by CALS and its alumni. I am honored to have had this monetary support to help me continue on in my further education. However, most important to me are the networking opportunities within both CALS and WALSAA, the lasting connections between fellow scholarship recipients and myself, and the professional development skills I’ve gained from interacting with industry professionals as well as University staff.

Thank you to all the donors, influential professors, advisors, my friends and peers, and my family for pushing me to always do my best. I’m looking forward to a future involved in agriculture, and I will always remember my roots.