High Tea a Success

“Wizard” by John Garrett

Guests view “Wizard” by John Garrett.

Hot summer weather prevailed during the event on June 21, in the home and garden of Lynn and Gary Mecklenburg in Madison. Lynn was delighted to welcome guests and share stories of the family’s interesting art pieces. In the walled garden and inside the new home, a broad and varied art collection was a treat for inquisitive members of the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection and their guests.

Featured artwork included “Wizard” a combination of materials—metal, yarn, paper and wood—that resembles a tied quilt. The piece is the work of John Garrett, who works in two and three-dimensions to create his textile forms with a variety of materials. In a piece by a different artist, Lynn pointed out how she used coffee filters and grounds in the composition of the striking kimono.

Lynn holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in home economics journalism, both from UW-Madison. She has spent her career in public relations and communications, and she currently volunteers her time on the School of Human Ecology Board of Visitors and the development committee for the Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection.

“The Helen Louise Allen Textile Collection furthers the understanding of human beings within their material and social environments through the study of textiles of artistic, cultural and historic significance. Our mission is to provide educational resources both within the University and beyond.”