Foundation’s Gift Supports University Opera

John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable FoundationThe John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation has made a contribution of $15,000 to support a teaching assistant position for one year within the University Opera at the UW-Madison. The University Opera program is not only remarkable for its rich legacy and record of accomplishments but also for how it has been able to succeed on an extremely limited budget.

One of the University Opera program’s priorities is to increase funding available for teaching assistantships (TAs) to attract and support talented, promising graduate students in the School of Music who are committed to careers in the field.

Funding from the John and Carolyn Peterson Charitable Foundation has allowed the Opera to realize this goal. It will support a teaching assistant primarily involved with the Opera Workshop, in which students perform excerpts from a variety of operas. The Peterson Foundation has also invited the University Opera to request renewed funding for a TA for the 2012-2013 academic year.