Jennifer Sanchez- Desire to Help Others

Originally from Brooklyn, NY and most recently from Wellington, FL I moved to Wisconsin to pursue a doctoral degree in Rehabilitation Psychology. Being a single mother of 2 children, my decision affected more than just my life. My children could not be more supportive.

There are multiple reasons for deciding to return to school after more than 10 years since obtaining my GED. Of course there was the intrinsic motivation to want to complete my education, the desire to help others, and the desire to be a good role model to my children – to teach them the value of education.

Receiving the Paul Lustig Scholarship has assisted me in multiple ways. In our field attending conferences is vital – it serves to network, to keep current with field advances, and the ability to advance professionally by presenting. However, being a single mother makes it difficult for me to attend – I do not have family in the area to care for my children, I cannot leave my children unattended, and it is very expensive to pay for the 3 of us to travel.

As a result of the receipt of this scholarship I was able to attend a conference this spring where I presented a lecture and 3 posters. I want to thank the many people who donate money to this and similar scholarships and make the impossible possible!