Douglas Wubben- Changing Paths

Douglas Wubben

Douglas Wubben, recipient of the UW Nursing School General Scholarship for 2010-2011.

I chose UW-Madison because my family and I live here and plan to stay for a while. The nursing program here was highly recommended as well.

I’m unique in that I’m a 39 year old with a prior degree who is changing paths to pursue a degree in nursing.

My favorite spot on campus is that grassy area by the lake near the Natatorium because it’s a great place to do yoga.

I’m inspired by all of the nurses I have met through classes and clinical experiences because they embody what I hope to become: a knowledgeable, capable, steady, caring advocate that helps people in need through the medical system in a healing way.

Right now, I work for the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems on campus promoting farm to school in K-12 schools across the state. After graduation, I hope to work as a clinical nurse with two key areas of interest being trauma/emergency and cancer.

As a part-time single parent who needs to work my way through school this has been a big breathe of financial fresh air. It also gives me a feeling that there exists a larger community of people who want to see others succeed and are willing to help make it happen. I’m hopeful that someday I’ll be in a position to emulate this behavior. Thank you.