2023 Women’s Philanthropy Council Annual Giving Project

The advisory council considered 13 proposals submitted in response to our campuswide solicitation of projects. Each of the proposals was evaluated against our three stated criteria:

  • connection to advancing and sustaining women and girls
  • promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • advancement of the Wisconsin Idea 

Additionally, we considered whether the proposals contained programming that was sustainable and/or scalable. While many of the proposals were meritorious, we have selected three that we feel best meet our criteria. Below, you will find descriptions of these three proposals, one of which will be funded by the Women’s Philanthropy Council in 2023. We are asking that you rank the three proposals from one to three, with the “one” ranking representing the proposal that you would most like to see funded next year. For 2023, our giving budget will be approximately $36,000 and will be awarded in whole to the highest-ranking proposal, determined by your voting. As we grow our group (and budget) in future years, we will be able to fund multiple projects annually.

We look forward to announcing — and celebrating with you — the winning project at our annual meeting in November!

  • Sandy Sponem, WPC Advisory Council Member

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