Oregon State Visitors Get Badger Welcome

Oregon State UniversityOn Friday, September 9, the UW Foundation’s Corporate and Foundation Relations Department, represented by Principal Gifts Team Senior Vice President Mark Lefebvre and Development Director Aaron Zitzelsberger, presented an overview of corporate relations on the UW-Madison campus and Madison community to visiting Oregon State University (OSU) personnel, including Mike Goodwin, president & CEO of the OSU Foundation, his corporate team and college deans.

A Badger welcome at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery by Paul DeLuca, UW-Madison provost, and Charles Hoslet, managing director, UW Office of Corporate Relations, started the day off. Operational overviews were provided by Dean Paul Peercy, College of Engineering; Professor David Foster, Engine Research Center; Professor Raj Veeramani, UW E-Business Institute and UW E-Business Consortium; Michael Falk, chief legal counsel-Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, and Co-director Tom Jahns, Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium.

After lunch, the OSU visitors were given a tour of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery/Morgridge Institute for Research by Interim Director John Wiley. The OSU group concluded their visit by attending the Badgers vs OSU football game at Camp Randall on Saturday, September 10.