Hyunah Cho- New Country, New Challenges

The Oscar Rennebohm Teaching Award gives graduate assistant Hyunah Cho confidence to teach American students, even though he’s from South Korea. The teaching assistant award also encourages her to stay in academia to perform research and teach students.

Why did you choose the UW-Madison?

University of Wisconsin-Madison is an excellent school in both education and science fields. UW-Madison is known as institute training students to be independent to stand up by themselves.

What makes your story unique?

As an international student, teaching domestic students is not an easy job since my own research needs to be performed well at the same time. The School of Pharmacy has great staff, professors and teachers who have led me to be more confident, learn new things and communicate with people in the school. This made me feel more comfortable at teaching Pharm D students in compounding classes, and this teaches me countless tremendous lessons that I cannot obtain by myself.

What is your field of research?

My research is mainly focusing on ovarian cancer treatments and image-guided surgical tumor resection using a nanoscopic drug delivery system. I achieved dissertator status in 2011. I have presented my works in AAPS (2011 and 2012), CRS (2012), and PGSRM (2011 and 2012) conferences. Now I have two first-author, one second-author, and one third-author publications. One more first-author publication is under review.