A Powerhouse Professor

The UW-Madison School of Pharmacy is home to a number of outstanding professors, and one of them is Glen Kwon.

Dr. Kwon is the Jens T. Carstensen Distinguished Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences, funded by philanthropists Mahendra and Jayshree Patel. It brings to the UW a brilliant mind for science with strong business leadership. More simply put, he knows what makes drugs work and understands how to bring these drugs to market. This combination makes him a treasury of practical pharmaceutical knowledge and one of the school’s most important faculty members.

In addition to his work as a professor and co-founder of Co-D Therapeutics, a start-up dedicated to novel multi-drug anticancer nanomedicine, Dr. Kwon runs the Kwon Lab. Here, researchers pursue pharmaceutical research in nanomedicine that focuses on polymeric assemblies for drug delivery, non-viral gene delivery, and optical imaging.

In addition to his work in the classroom and the lab, Dr. Kwon is an associate editor for the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science and serves on the editorial boards of a number of journals. His influence is felt across the pharmaceutical sciences, making him a true powerhouse professor.

It’s because of the Carstensen Chair and the generosity of Dr. Patel and Mrs. Patel that the important work of Dr. Kwon can continue.

Former School of Pharmacy Dean Jeanette Roberts says of the Carstensen Chair, “I firmly believe that recruiting and retaining world-class faculty will be the single most important factor in determining scientific and educational excellence for pharmacy schools in the 21st century.”