Fun Spin on a Donor Event

John and Tashia Morgridge

In September, WFAA celebrated the generosity of alumni John and Tashia Morgridge with a pop-up wine-cellar celebration in the Wisconsin Union’s new underground loading dock, a special turntable that will allow delivery trucks to supply the Union with food, beverages, and other items.

The Morgridges made this hidden piece of equipment possible through their exceptional generosity, so it was only fitting that they were invited to take the inaugural spin on the turntable that is located underneath where Alumni Park will be.

The ingenious system will allow delivery trucks to enter the loading dock, make their delivery, and turn around and drive out, while guests above ground can easily access the lakeshore, Alumni Place, and Memorial Union.

In a feat defying all logistics of construction and scheduling (and weather), everyone involved in the project came together to turn the underground space into a warm and inviting wine cellar for an evening.

Some of the annual delivery numbers show how big an impact this campus space will have:

  • 18,000 gallons of ice cream, resulting in 400,000 happy customers
  • 12.9 tons of hamburger
  • 72,000 brats
  • 24,000 ears of corn
  • 14,250 pounds of cheese curds
  • 96,780 pounds of French fries
  • 165 bands will load in and out for performances on the Terrace and in der Rathskeller