Meet Families that Give

Phoebe and William Kiekhofer

William Kiekhofer — Father of Phoebe

“My daughter Phoebe is the fifth generation of my family to go to UW–Madison. She loves being a student at the UW. It’s an outstanding school, and I can think of no other place I’d want to send her. I continue to give to the UW because I want my daughter and all of her classmates to have the full UW experience.”

Abbey and Stephen Mundt

Stephen Mundt — Father of Abbey

“Whether you’re in Chicago or Beijing, people know and respect the University of Wisconsin–Madison. The opportunities at the UW are incredible, and so much help is available to guide students as they find their way. I know these things are true because I’m a UW graduate. I want my daughter and every other student to have the same opportunities and support I enjoyed. That’s why I give to the Parents’ Fund.”

The Radaj Family

Bill Radaj — Father of Two UW Graduates

“As a parent, I want to give back to a university system that has taught my children more than just facts. The University of Wisconsin–Madison has given them an education about life, and I am grateful to acknowledge that.”

Denise Radaj — Mother of Two UW Graduates

“We are able to pay for our children’s tuition and materials to attend UW–Madison, and I feel it is important to also help other students who struggle to pay for their dream of getting a great education here.”