Parent Leadership Giving

Pride and Excellence

Parent leadership donors at the University of Wisconsin–Madison believe that every student should receive a transformational learning experience. These parents of UW students know that the future excellence of the university rests largely in the hands of donors. That’s why they make leadership-level gifts.

Supporting Excellence

The university’s core mission depends on support from people such as you who want to see the UW continue to provide a world-class educational experience. When you give to the UW, you’re providing the university with a competitive advantage as it recruits new faculty and holds on to seasoned professors.

Send a Message

By joining other parents who are making leadership gifts, you send a message to students, faculty, staff, and other potential donors that you believe in UW–Madison’s power to benefit the world and deliver an exceptional educational experience. Find a level of giving that’s comfortable for you.

Priority Funds

Donate to the Parents' Fund

Your support will help continue the tradition of excellence in teaching, research, and public service.

Make a Gift
Become a leadership-level donor by giving $1,000 or more to any of the following funds:

Questions About Giving

If you have questions, please contact our Parent and Family Philanthropy Team at [email protected].