Parent Program

The University of Wisconsin–Madison recognizes that parents and families are important partners in their students’ success. The Parent and Family Program helps families stay connected to campus and serves as their ongoing resource throughout their students’ college career.

UW-Madison Parent Program

The Parent and Family Program launched under Campus and Visitor Relations in 2007 as part of an institutional priority to improve and centralize communications with parents and families of UW–Madison students. With support from the UW Foundation, the program — which started with an informational website, an email and phone service — has now expanded to include newsletters, a calendar and handbook for families, web chats, websites in Spanish and Chinese, and organized campus events, including Family Weekend.

Today, 36,000 parents and families are members of the program. The mission of the Parent and Family Program is to connect parents and families of UW–Madison students to the university so that they may support their students’ success.