Connor Raboine — 2020

Connor RaboineInspired by his grandfather, Connor Raboine attended UW–Madison where he was immediately drawn to human development and family studies at the School of Human Ecology. With his connections and opportunities, Connor sees food as an underutilized tool that can create a more unified and inclusive society

Layne Wetherbee — 2019

Layne WetherbeeIn taking time away from her studies, Layne Wetherbee found an interest and desire to go into social work and helping children. With the desire to pursue a new field, she came to UW–Madison to help her continue moving forward.

Emma Cox — 2018

Emma CoxEmma Cox has a passion for racial and social justice. As a first-year student, she read the 2013 Dane County Race to Equity Report, which opened her eyes to Dane County’s status as the home of some of the worst racial disparities in the nation.

Jake Roble — 2017

Jake RobleJake Roble has achieved as impressive a record in extracurricular activities as he has in academics. Although Jake is studying neurobiology in the L&S Honors program, his interests are broad: he has also published research in plant genetics and taken upper-level coursework in sociology.

Nicholas Engen — 2016

Nicholas EngenNicholas Engen has dedicated his educational career to gaining the skills and knowledge necessary to help vulnerable communities achieve food security. Along with attending the UW, Engen works multiple jobs — in supply chain management, humanitarian assistance, and agronomic development — that are designed to build upon his skill set.

Pablo Montes — 2015

Pablo MontesPablo Montes is a first-generation college student. Shortly after he was born in Beloit, Wisconsin, his family moved back to Mexico for a few years before returning to Beloit. Montes attended Northern Illinois University his freshman year and then transferred to UW–Madison. However, he was not on a scholarship and was not financially prepared for the high cost of rent in Madison — especially because he was not aware that he would have to come up with a security deposit in addition to the first month’s rent.

Alan Chen — 2014

Alan ChenOver the last three years, Alan Chen has earned a 3.833 GPA, with a 3.9 in science courses. He has also impressed his instructors with his maturity, intelligence and diligence. John Klatt, assistant dean for student development in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, wrote in Alan’s scholarship recommendation letter, “I have worked with many talented students, but I have rarely seen this level of leadership from an undergraduate.”

Joseph Evica — 2013

Joseph EvicaRaised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Joseph Evica attended Hamilton High School where the graduation rate is 60 percent and where he was an indifferent student. In his junior year, Evica realized education was the key to his future and to the service opportunities that are important to him. He buckled down and improved enough to be wait-listed at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Rebecca Skowronski — 2012

Rebecca SkowronskiRebecca “Becca” Skowronski, a senior in the School of Pharmacy, was attracted to the field when she job shadowed a local pharmacist during high school. Her career goals became more specific — to work in intensive care or oncology — after her mother was diagnosed with cancer.

Isha Shrestha — 2011

Isha ShresthaBorn in Nepal, Isha Shrestha emigrated to Madison, Wisconsin, with her family in 2001. Although at first she spoke no English, she graduated from Madison West High School with near perfect grades and went on to become a Badger. In the classroom, she is a dedicated student with a triple major. In the community, Isha shares her experience as a new American to help other immigrants.

Lauren “Nikki” Schmidt — 2010

Lauren SchmidtOne month into college, Lauren Schmidt discovered a close friend unresponsive and unable to breathe due to alcohol consumption. For the 2010 Bascom Hill Society Scholarship recipient, this emergency marked the beginning of what she calls “a completely new perspective” and started her on a path of learning, service, and leadership that she never expected, but at which she has excelled.

Shannon Chaplo — 2009

Shannon ChaploShannon Chaplo, a Lake Geneva native that majored in psychology and gender at women’s studies, was the fourth recipient of the prestigious Bascom Hill Society Scholarship. After graduating in 2010 she went to graduate school for clinical psychology.

Eric Nooker — 2008

Eric NookerThe third recipient of the prestigious Bascom Hill Society scholarship is Eric Nooker, a Green Bay native that majored in horticulture. He continued on to get his master’s in land and atmosphere science and currently works in agriculture.

Libby Falck — 2007

Libby FalckThe 2007 recipient is Libby Falck from Neenah, Wisconsin. She graduated in 2009 with a dual degree in communication arts and political science. After completing a short documentary for a film class last spring, she made a totally random and unplanned change in her career path. She abandoned her dream of working in pediatric oncology in favor of film studies.

Sara Sadek — 2006

Sara SadekThe 2006 recipient is Sara Sadek, a Madison native and graduate of West High School. Sara graduated in 2008 with a dual degree in economics and Spanish along with an International Business Certificate.