Annual Giving Impact Report


Have you heard? UW students are changing the world! And your annual gift has made that possible.



From supporting scholarships that generate industry leaders to real-world opportunities that lead to lifesaving discoveries — your contributions benefit our great university as well as the greater good. Thank you for furthering the education of gifted UW–Madison students and sustaining a university that Badgers deserve.


You Help Us Seek Cures — for Canine and Childhood Cancer.

Because of you, dogs and children battling osteosarcoma, an aggressive type of bone cancer, will have a better chance of survival. Rex, an adventurous five-year-old cane corso, was diagnosed at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine (SVM) with osteosarcoma in the summer of 2018. Doctors at the UW SVM are working to raise the standard of care by discovering diagnostic and treatment options to benefit both pets and humans. Your annual gifts support research that could lead to a paradigm shift in both veterinary and human medicine. Learn more:

You Empower Faculty — to Educate the Next Generation.

Because of you, passionate, award-winning professors like Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau are building improved models for educating UW students. There are now more students in computer sciences than any other major on campus, and enrollment grows significantly each year. Annual giving ensures that professors like Arpaci-Dusseau can elevate the next generation of engineers, artists, scientists, and teachers — expanding their technological capacity for years to come. Learn more:

You Enrich Experiences — for All Who Attend the UW.

Because of you, Badgers will have an opportunity to “Play hard. Get fit. Live well.” in a new way. In 2017, the Southeast Recreational Facility (the SERF) was torn down to make way for the Nicholas Recreational Center (the “Nick”). This new center, expected to open in 2020, promises an experience sure to inspire students and members alike. Thanks to your ongoing support of annual funds, that goal is becoming a reality that will serve our students and the campus community for years to come. Learn more:

You Help Students — Follow Their Dreams.

Because of you, exceptional students, like Benjamin Love-Jackson x’22, have the freedom to attend their first-choice school. When radiologists discovered that Benjamin’s grandfather had cancer, Benjamin’s interest in radiology evolved into a budding career focus. Without the help of scholarships like the Wisconsin Idea Scholarship, Benjamin may not have been able to follow his dream. Your annual gifts to the Office of Student Financial Aid make that possible. Learn more:

You Uphold — a World-Class University.

On April 9, 2019, you made one thing clear — you have the heart of a Badger. Your passion for the UW ignited an international wave of support. Your contributions ensure that UW–Madison will continue on as a renowned institution of research and education. As an ally of this great university, you understand that part of making a difference is being connected to something larger than yourself. Without you, progress is simply not possible. Learn more:


You, and more than 5,000 others, gave a total of $1,863,080.

Donors from all 50 states and four continents participated.

You helped us trend on Twitter for 25 hours.

You Help Badgers — Change the World.

Thank you! Your annual gifts provide something that specific contributions cannot: they are immediately accessible for discretionary use, ensuring that those funds can be directly used in areas where the need is greatest. So, when spontaneous opportunities arise, UW school, college, and department leadership can move quickly, turning a prospective concept into something truly transformational.

Every gift matters, and your support paves the way for immense success in all areas of this great university. Thank you — you make excellence possible!