You Help the UW Do Even More

When COVID-19 hit Madison in March 2020, the UW faced an enormous challenge: take all instruction — thousands of courses serving tens of thousands of students — move it to an online format, and do it in 12 days. Between when the chancellor announced the plan on March 11 and the end of spring break on March 23, 90 percent of classes went from in-person instruction to virtual. This swift transition ensured that students could remain on track for graduation, and its success is a testament to adaptable spending. That is the intention behind the Chancellor’s Annual Fund: to help the entire university focus on its most pressing needs when they develop so that it can quickly and effectively respond to the unexpected.

Even after the coronavirus closed down classrooms, the UW community kept on working. Scientists pursued vital research, instructors improved online technologies for remote learning, staff supported student enrichment and helped those facing financial difficulties, and administrators provided needed resources to faculty and staff — the university’s backbone. Additionally, because of your generosity, the Chancellor’s Annual Fund played a role in supporting government relations. This helps the UW maintain a collaborative association with the state, which will become even more vital as we begin to recover from the economic impact of the pandemic.

Every gift helps the UW and its hardworking Badgers remain resilient. Offering the most flexibility, the Chancellor’s Annual Fund empowers university leaders to address opportunities and make a difference. Thank you for giving the university the ability to make these strategic decisions, keeping it strong now and helping it to benefit others for years to come. Whether these gifts go toward increased COVID testing of dormitory residents, student services, research, career support, or campus initiatives, your annual contributions ensure that the UW can do even more.