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Money, Behavior and Safety

The Center for Financial Security at University of Wisconsin-Madison is focused on understanding when people need specific consumer information and what makes them most likely to act upon it.

Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture Will Have Trove of Recordings

At the center of the new Mayrent Institute for Yiddish Culture will be an astounding collection of 78-rpm discs of historic recordings. The institute will spotlight Sherry Mayrent’s entire collection of more than 6,000 78-rpm discs, which she is donating to the University’s Mills Music Library.

Student Actors Engage Society

Professor Norma Saldivar was the featured speaker at the recent Bascom Hill Society showcase luncheon and provided a wonderful glimpse into the Year of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Change Your Mind

Aaron Heller, the first recipient of the James L. Davis Memorial Graduate Support Fund, studies the neurobiology of depression to develop new therapies. Regina Lapate, the second recipient, explores how emotional awareness might help overcome negative experiences.

Nursing Building Unveiled

School of Nursing faculty and staff had their first look February 25 at schematic designs for the School’s new building, which features a two-story atrium, 300-seat auditorium; wired, interactive classrooms, and simulation labs.