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Partners Say Cheese

The Center for Dairy Research is at the heart of Wisconsin’s artisan cheese industry. Now, the cheese makers say thanks by supporting a campaign to renovate center facilities.

Spreading the Word: The UW Student Foundation

The UW Student Foundation is focused on raising awareness of how much private support means to the University. “What we want to do is educate students about the alumni and friends of the University and what they are doing to help campus and students,” founder Seamus Fitzgerald said.

Collaborating on a Masterpiece

The Chazen Museum is a cornerstone of the visionary East Campus Gateway, which, when completed, will provide a swath of carefully planned development from Regent Street to Lake Mendota.

Revitalizing the Wisconsin Experience

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight, but the best ideas endure. The long-awaited Lakeshore Gateway corridor nears completion. A vibrant cultural hub. With Babcock Hall ice cream.