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2012 – Barton Creek Resort and Spa, Austin, Texas Steve Ackerman – Department of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences “Satellites Over Wisconsin” “Is Extreme the New Normal?” Julie Mead – Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis “Courting Education” “Student Speech, Technology and Bullying” John Witte – Department of Political Science “‘Is the University of Wisconsin… Read more »

Statement on Stewardship

Central to the mission of the University of Wisconsin Foundation is a commitment to long-term relationships with our donors and the understanding that exceptional stewardship is essential to our success. Building on this distinctive legacy, our organization values stewardship practices that are rooted in authentic relationships, where donors know the impact of their gifts and… Read more »

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other assets. Smart gift planning combines charitable intent with cost-efficient planning techniques. Of critical importance is the kind of asset used to fund the gift. Usually, long-term appreciated property can generate the most favorable tax benefits. The reason is that gifts of such property provide… Read more »

Closely Held Business Stock

A business owner who contributes closely held stock to the University will be allowed a charitable deduction for the of the stock. An additional benefit is that the donor will escape the potential capital-gain tax on any appreciation in the value of the stock. Subsequent to the gift, the corporation could purchase the stock from… Read more »

Charitable Gift Annuity

Establishing a charitable gift annuity involves a simple agreement between the donor and the UW Foundation, and a gift of cash or securities to the UW Foundation. In exchange, the beneficiary of the annuity receives a fixed annual payout for life. Upon the annuitant’s passing, the remaining principal of the donor’s initial gift will go… Read more »