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Booming Stock Market Creates Charitable Giving Opportunities

The stock market went on quite a run in 2017, up about 25% during the course of the year. Even more impressive, it essentially went straight up throughout the year, with very few minor dips along the way. The historic run-up has left many investors with significantly appreciated stock holdings. That, of course, is what… Read more »

Tangible Personal Property

As with gifts of long-term capital-gain securities or real estate, you are entitled to a charitable deduction for a gift of long-term capital-gain such as works of art, rare books, and stamp or coin collections, (The capital-gain tax rate on such assets is 28 percent.) How much you can deduct depends on the standard of… Read more »

Pharmacy Scholarship Opens Doors to Opportunity

Pharmacy gives April Jue the opportunity to blend her interest in seeing results for patients with her love of science. Thanks to the Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA) and several hundred alumni and friends, Jue has another opportunity: She can seriously consider studying in Ecuador this summer.