Current Members

Alex Miller Headshot

Alex Miller ’12 | Co-Founder of Health IQ

Mike Casper Headshot

Mike Casper’04 | CEO of Azumo, Inc.

Benny M. ’84 | Owner of Wavious

“I firmly believe that education is the key to the ongoing advancement of humanity. The University of Wisconsin is an integral part of my life and has been instrumental in the success I have enjoyed. I took the Entrpereneur’s Pledge because it makes me part of the fabric of something that has been so fundamental in defining me. This pledge is both a motivating force to drive my present success and a way for me to maximize my contribution.”

Jan Scott Headshot

Jan S. ’78 | Co-Founder and President of Unison Solutions, Inc.

“I have been looking for a way to say thank you to the UW’s Department of Mechanical Engineering for the education that has provided me with so many opportunities during my career. My wife and I feel the Entrepreneur’s Pledge is the perfect conduit to make it happen. We believe that education is the one constant that can change people’s lives.”