Graduate Award Profile

School of Pharmacy

  • Congratulations! You have earned a UW-Madison School of Pharmacy graduate student fellowship. Your outstanding effort and commitment to your education have been recognized.

    Donors have chosen to invest in the UW-Madison School of Pharmacy by establishing a fellowship that will help graduate students like you enhance your experience in graduate school. It is important to let these donors, many of whom are UW-Madison graduates, know that you are grateful for their generosity. We do this by informing them of how we are managing the money they have entrusted to us. Another, more personal way to thank donors is to provide them with information about you, the fellowship recipient.

    We let donors know we are grateful by informing them how we are responsibly managing the money they entrust to us. Another, more personal way to say thank you is to provide donors with information about you, your research and your goals. Donors want to know that their gift is making a difference in your life and work.

    Each year, we ask all fellowship recipients to complete this brief questionnaire. Your responses will be shared directly with the donor(s) that funded your fellowship.

    If you have any questions, please contact Zac Wagner.

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