Graduate Award Profile

UW High School Scholarships

  • Congratulations on receiving a University of Wisconsin scholarship/award. Your outstanding efforts and potential have been recognized.

    Your scholarship/award was made possible by gifts from people who care about the University. These donors have chosen to invest in the future by helping you meet the cost of your education, no matter which University of Wisconsin campus you chose to attend.

    It is important to let these donors, many of whom are UW graduates, know that we are grateful for their generosity. We do this by informing them of how we are managing the money they’ve entrusted to us. Another, more personal way to say thank you is to provide donors with information about you, the scholarship/award recipient.

    Each year, the Foundation prepares an individual financial report for donors on their student award funds. To complement this report, we ask that you complete this brief questionnaire. This profile should not replace a personal note of thanks. Instead, it provides us with additional information that will mean a great deal to your donor. You responses are confidential and are shared only with the donor.

    If you have any questions, please contact Tracey McClure.

    Thank you.