Stories from UW Faculty and Staff

Make the Pieces Fit to Solve a Gift-Planning Puzzle

Sometimes a gift plan is like a jigsaw puzzle: the various pieces must fit together perfectly to complete the picture.

The Hamel Music Center — Sounds of Gratitude

There’s something magical about music — it has the capacity to unite us, creating a space for collective joy and transformational experiences.

Fostering Creative Collaboration at the Wisconsin School of Business

There are a multitude of remarkable things about the Learning Commons in Grainger Hall at the Wisconsin School of Business. One of the most impressive aspects is that this revolutionary endeavor was wholly funded by generous donors of the university.

Serving Wisconsin and Saving Lives: A New Era in Veterinary Medicine

Over the last four decades, the UW School of Veterinary Medicine has trained more than 50 percent of the practicing veterinarians in the state of Wisconsin, and it currently serves more than 29,000 animals each year, from family pets to agricultural herds. That is a significant undertaking in a space designed for only 12,000 animals,... Read more »

UW–Madison’s Makerspace: Accelerating Innovation without Limits

Upon entering the Makerspace, housed in the prestigious UW College of Engineering, you are greeted by a wall of windows and glass doors, offering a clear view inside its many collaborative spaces.

Who Are the Three Primary Members of Your Charitable-Planning Team?

For most people, making a charitable gift is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Sure, many of us say yes to making small gifts: rounding up purchases at the drug store for a worthy cause or dropping a little extra in the jar at a convenience store to help local youth organizations.

On the Trail of Zika

With its connection to birth defects and seemingly rapid spread, the Zika virus became one of the most terrifying health stories of 2016. Cases appeared across the tropics, and scientists launched into a race to find a vaccine or other means of preventing its devastating effects.

A Legacy and a Future of Compassion

Now a member of the PIH-Engage executive board, Sarah Meiners’s passion for public health is both an extracurricular focus and a career goal.

Password Management: A Key Element of Estate Planning

At a local fitness club, members were invited at the beginning of January to post their new year’s resolutions on the large bulletin board in the central lobby. One woman, a member of a senior aerobics group, wrote that she was determined to organize her passwords.

Six Charitable Opportunities to Consider for Your Year-End Gift Planning

As you engage in your own year-end gift planning, here are six things to keep in mind.

Three Strategies to Let Your Passion Guide Your Giving in 2022

A new year brings new opportunities to focus your charitable giving on the causes that mean the most to you. What is the best way to make sure your giving is in line with your passions? Here are three useful strategies.

Organically Grown at UW

It's no secret that Wisconsin is a national leader in organic agriculture. The state boasts the second-highest number of organic farms in the U.S. and ranks third in total organic acres. Perhaps less understood is that UW has long been a quiet powerhouse in organic research, extension, and education; and this year, a dedicated group of faculty and staff are doing everything they can to remove "quiet" from that description.

The Hype, the Hope, and the Reality of Hemp

CALS and Extension experts are helping farmers find the best ways to grow and market a trendy crop as the industry makes its shaky but hopeful resurgence in Wisconsin.

Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company and UW–Madison Launch Diversity in Brewing Award

The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company announced the launch of the Jake Leinenkugel Diversity in Brewing Award. The award will support students from underrepresented groups pursuing a degree in brewing or fermentation sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

The Future Holds No Limits for Meat Science at CALS

With a new state-of-the-art facility, the Meat Science and Animal Biologics Discovery program looks to fulfill its untapped potential and more.