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Questions About Giving

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is a state-supported university. Why does it need my help? Because state funding currently provides only the means for a basic education, private funding supplements state and federal dollars and supports many special programs and projects not possible through conventional funding sources. Examples of these are professorships, fellowships and scholarships in… Read more »

Securities & Stocks

Give a Gift of Appreciated Securities The University of Wisconsin Foundation recently launched a new online form that makes it easier for our donors and their brokers to make gifts of appreciated securities. Make a Gift Gifts of appreciated property have been considered the “best value” in charitable giving. That is because there are multiple… Read more »

Badger Call

Each year, the UW Foundation employs nearly 100 students to contact alumni, parents, and friends personally. In 2013, UW students contacted over 65,000 people by phone and raised over $2.3 million for the Schools, Colleges, and programs on campus. Alumni are contacted primarily through the annual campaign for the University of Wisconsin taking place each… Read more »

Example Bequest Language

The following includes several examples of suggested wording to benefit the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the UW Foundation. The Foundation, an independent, nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation founded in 1945, raises, invests and distributes gifts on behalf of the University. Each individual situation is unique and, therefore, these examples include only some of the possible gift opportunities.… Read more »

Life Stage Gift Planner

At various stages of our lives, we all deal with different issues, financial and otherwise. These stages of life need to be taken into account when planning your gift to the UW Foundation. The Life Stage Gift Planner will help guide you through the financial strategies and possible charitable solutions to the tax problems you… Read more »