Annual Report



IN 2015


Funds Raised Toward
All Ways Forward
Campaign Goal
(1/13-6/16: $1,645,240,169)


Funds Transferred to
UW–madison to support Donors’ Priorities
(1/15-6/16: $379,956,837)

Connecting People, Inspiring Ideas

The University of Wisconsin Foundation engages those who care about the University of Wisconsin; provides opportunities to enhance its teaching, research, and outreach programs; and guarantees ethical stewardship of the gifts received.

The return on an investment in the university is far reaching and never ending. This report on stewardship contains stories that illustrate the impact of your gifts and recognizes the critical role that you play in the future of the university. It also describes the Foundation’s investment strategy and performance.

Stories from the Annual Report

Engagement Stories

A Bridge to the Working World

Badger Bridge links students and alumni with mentors to help facilitate career advancement.

Solid State

Through Project 72, WFAA shares some of the myriad ways in which UW–Madison and Wisconsin continue to shape each other.

Red (Shirt) Talks

Designer Virgil Abloh speaks at a Homecoming event.

Hawks Soars

In one of 2015’s most celebrated discoveries, anthropologists found the remains of a new hominid species in a cave in South Africa, and UW–Madison had a role in that find.

Development Stories

Prof Positive

From the Vilas Trust to the Morgridge Match, philanthropic gifts expand faculty opportunities. The last year and a half won’t erase the name Vilas from campus, but it might challenge the primary place that it holds.

Open Doors, Diverse Campus

In early 2016, a couple that wishes to remain anonymous made a $10 million pledge to match gifts that support the Chancellor’s Scholarship Program (CSP).

State of the Art

The Chazen Museum of Art is home to more than 20,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photos, decorative objects, and more. But the works it holds are far more than beautiful — they’re also a learning resource. In 2015, those collections grew larger and more important thanks to a new donation from the museum’s namesakes, Jerome and Simona Chazen.

Open Minds

On its own, a rock is just a rock. But when children have the right training, UW researchers in the Center for Healthy Minds (CHM) find, they can turn those rocks into “belly buddies” to learn mindfulness techniques, which may hold the key to improving their mental and emotional health.