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Wisconsin Institute for Discovery

The Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (WID), a transdisciplinary research institute opening in 2010 at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, comprises a community of thinkers studying the information supporting life, ranging from cells to societies. Exploring information at the interfaces of research, educational innovation, and entrepreneurship, the Institute promotes theoretical and experimental laboratory research, numerous collaborative programs,… Read more »

Parents’ FAQ

What is the Parents’ Fund? It is a general fund that meets specific student needs on campus, including career development, classroom enhancement, research opportunities, and student organizations — all the things that make the UW a world-class place to learn. Who gives to the Parents’ Fund? The university relies on the generosity of alumni, parents,… Read more »

Overseas Travel Often Triggers Estate Planning

Nothing stimulates estate planning like a trip overseas. While a vacation trip within the continental United States may prompt people to review estate-planning documents, there is something about an impending flight over an ocean that really stirs people to action.

Hawks Soars

In one of 2015’s most celebrated discoveries, anthropologists found the remains of a new hominid species in a cave in South Africa, and UW–Madison had a role in that find.

Solid State

Through Project 72, WFAA shares some of the myriad ways in which UW–Madison and Wisconsin continue to shape each other.