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College of Letters & Science

The College of Letters & Science is the heart of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We enroll more than half of all students at UW-Madison and teach the core requirements in science, math, languages, and literature required for every undergraduate at the university. L&S scholars generate more than $125 million in research grant awards. Sixteen of… Read more »

First Wave

The First Wave Spoken Word and Hip Hop Arts Learning Community is a cutting-edge multicultural artistic program for incoming students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Bringing together young artists and leaders from across the U.S and beyond, the First Wave Learning Community offers students the opportunity to live, study and create together in a close-knit,… Read more »

Douglas Wubben- Changing Paths

I am inspired by all of the nurses I have met through classes and clinical experiences because they embody what I hope to become: a knowledgeable, capable, steady, caring advocate that helps people in need through the medical system in a healing way.

International Learning Community at UW-Madison

Thousands of UW-Madison students study abroad. But hundreds more immerse themselves in global cultures right on campus through the International Learning Community (ILC). In Adams Hall, residents concentrate on languages as diverse as Arabic, Italian, German, Japanese, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and Danish while they learn to “Live Locally, Think Globally.”

Perlman Gifts Span Campus

How much difference can one woman make? Katherine “Kato” Perlman, PhD, a distinguished service emerita, senior scientist, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is touching lives on and off campus with her gifts.