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Recruiting the Best

The Department of Economics in the College of Letters & Science is seizing the opportunity to bolster its already impressive national position by combining vigorous support from donors with Chancellor Biddy Martin’s Madison Initiative for Undergraduates.

Teen Fights Alzheimer’s with Bingo, Softball

While she cannot restore her grandmother’s memories, Ali Brems, a Kenosha, Wisconsin, 18-year-old, wants to help ensure other granddaughters won’t face the same loss. Inspired by an intensive high school course on Alzheimer’s disease, she hosted a Bingo fundraiser for Alzheimer’s disease research as her senior project.

Rocking the Rankings

Madison, Wisconsin, consistently shows up on rankings of the best places to live.

IRA Rollover Can Reduce Tax on Social Security Benefits

Many donors are aware of the attractive benefits of the IRA charitable rollover—but one advantage that is not widely known is that it can reduce the portion of your Social Security benefits that is subject to federal income tax. If you are 70½ or older, the rollover allows you to transfer up to $100,000 directly… Read more »