The Amazing Plastic Brain and How It Grew a Business


Featuring: Kurt Kaczmarek, Mitchell Tyler and Yuri Danilov

Date: July 28, 2009


Location: UW Arboretum


UW-Madison professor Paul Bach-y-Rita was a physician, scientist and lover of wild ideas. Inspired by his father’s struggles after a stroke, Bach-y-Rita explored the concept of the “plastic” brain, or the idea that the brain can reorganize its functions. For example, could a blind person learn to interpret visual images through the sense of touch? Could someone regain a sense of balance using the tongue, years after injury or disease?

TCNL scientists talk about the trials and triumphs of bringing a new technology and new company to life as well as exciting possibilities for the future. What our brains currently do for us is amazing. Can we dare to imagine what they are capable of doing if we give them the tools?