Professorship / Chair Profile

College of Letters & Science

  • Congratulations on your endowed professorship/chair. It was made possible by the generosity and commitment of donors wishing to make a difference. The donors who established the fund have invested not only in you and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but also in your ability to enrich society with your research and teaching.

    We let these donors know we are grateful by informing them how we are responsibly managing the money they entrust to us. Another, more personal way to say thank you is to provide donors with information about you, your research and the impact of your work.

    Each year, we prepare an individual financial report for donors on their faculty award funds. To complement this report, we ask that you complete this brief questionnaire. This profile should not replace a personal note of thanks. Instead, it provides us with additional information that will mean a great deal to your donor. Your responses are confidential and are shared only with the donor.

    If you have any questions, please contact Ann Lippincott.

    Thank you.