All Ways Forward

At UW–Madison, we’re proud of our history as a haven for people whose creativity changes the shape of reality. But we didn’t become a hotbed of ingenuity by dwelling on what we’ve already accomplished: it’s our calling to look ahead. As part of the All Ways Forward campaign, we’ve identified key areas in which you can have a significant effect on our future success, and your gift, no matter the size, will help us to continue to be the institution that improves the state of Wisconsin — and the world.

Providing Student Support

You can have a lasting impact on the lives of our talented young scholars. Your support can turn their dreams of an excellent education into reality and help UW–Madison to remain competitive with other institutions by attracting and supporting the most promising students. An investment in UW–Madison is an investment in the future lives and potential of our students. Students at UW–Madison learn many things, but there’s one lesson they all share: Badgers can help to change the world.

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Improving the Educational Experience

Nobody comes to UW–Madison to leave the world the way he or she found it. We encourage our students, faculty, and staff to discover how their creativity can change the very shape of reality. The experiences that our Badgers have today will have a profound effect on the lives we all live tomorrow. With your support, they will have the chance to see how everything they do at UW–Madison benefits the world beyond our campus.

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Maintaining Faculty Excellence

Our accomplished faculty members are the key to advancing the university’s groundbreaking research and exceptional student development. Creating endowed professorships, chairs, and distinguished chairs helps us to remain competitive by allowing us to attract and retain talented and esteemed faculty. Your contributions help us continue the cycle that drives UW–Madison to be one of the top universities in the nation for innovation, achievement, and outcomes.

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Supporting Research and Innovation

For more than 20 years, we have consistently ranked among
 the top five universities in the U.S. for research expenditures. Our reputation as one of
 the nation’s leading research universities is contingent upon our ability to conduct research at the highest level. In order to continue being the home of astonishing breakthroughs that turn the impossible into the achievable, we are constantly challenging ourselves to be a better university. With your help, we can forge a brighter tomorrow.

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